Operation Pedro. 'Targeting cyclist and pedestrian safety.'

Thought there were a lot of police around this morning. Let the targeting of pedestrians and cyclists by the police commence continue.

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Sweet. Are they going to start pinging cars for going through lights that "really, haven't been that red for a while, so I should be sweet".

Or even actually enforce the rule that an amber is to be treated as a red unless stopping would cause an accident? If you have time or cause to accelerate, you have time to stop.  

Is use of phones by motor vehicles through intersections worthy of enforcement too...

Should I not get my hopes up and put my cynical hat back on (maybe its the plastic and foam one)...


And yes, saw lots of highway patrol, and no they weren't really to concerned with any of the things I mentioned above.


PS Watch out in the wet this arvo all, no rain for ages, then just a little bit out there now... gonna be an ice rink.

PPS. Pedro offers you his protection (Napoleon Dynamite)

 and get the T shirt here

If its anything like previous operations it will be targeting the low hanging fruit. Red light running and queueing across intersections never seems to be a safety concern in the same way that a helmetless cyclist is clearly a reckless menace. Makes a good impression on the telegraph readers who witness it.

Your last sentence probably featured heavily in the briefing doc seeking authorisation for the Operation.

I'm a victim. Instead of the usual tactic of stationing themselves in one spot they seemed to be riding around a bit. Around the same time they got me I got punish-passed by a driver who screamed abuse at me when I caught up to her at the next set of lights. It seemed of a piece with the police campaign.

Just crazy.

There were mounted police riding down Bourke St.

But in your case Colin, you copped it (pardon pun), but someone who acted aggressively toward you with a weapon and that's sweet???

Fk that.

So accordingly, Tomorrow I could walk down Martin Place at lunch and swing a baseball bay at anyone who, oh I don't know, has a red bag... Just because I don't like them. I think that would be treated differently somehow. But why?

* I don't dislike people with red bags. In fact I don't really dislike anyone, except if they are being a .... To me.

Sorry to hear you got caught by the fuzz Colin. I got pulled over on Pitt Str on my way to work but my doctor's note had the desired jedi mind trick affect and was waved on my way. I've had a nice routine for avoiding the stings on College street but now that they're moving around the city I may have to dust off the helmet for tomorrows commute. Haven't touched it in two years but can't really afford a ticket at the moment. Might have to submit to the nonsense law until the heat dies off. In the meantime I've started applying for jobs in Amsterdam.

There is a photo doing the rounds on facebook a cop on a horse booking a car for running a red, on Market Street. I just saw them warning the drivers for blocking pedestrian access but no they did book someone. And they warned the guy for taking the photo!

How is taking a photo an offence?

You're right, it's not.

If anyone wants to arm themselves with the facts, google "street photographers rights nsw"

The coppers keeping trying it on though. Quickest way to shit them down is to ask them what law you are breaking.

as someone that loves street photography, +1 on street photographers rights.


And of course there are reasons cops don't like being photographed or recorded, plus they tend to remove their ID of course.


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