Operation Pedro. 'Targeting cyclist and pedestrian safety.'

Thought there were a lot of police around this morning. Let the targeting of pedestrians and cyclists by the police commence continue.

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Well, they coulda done it yesterday...

All over Bourke St. Both Waterloo end and Taylor Sq.

Dickheads on 29ers too. If they started riding this week - I hope they learn quick how not to be temporary cyclists.

Your taxes at work

I saw 2 or 3 cyclists being ticketed at Taylor Square. All of them were wearing helmets, so it wasn't that. I didn't want to hang around - but does anyone know what the tickets were being handed out for? Taylor Square is not normally a place where I see a lot of cyclists blowing off the red lights.


Good question. In one of the pics I posted, you can see them hassling a helmet wearing cyclist outside the Mitre 10 in Paddington.

For some reason her bike is upside down on the footpath, and the police seem to be examining the bike - I wonder what is the reason for that? Some sort of roadworthiness issue?

Perhaps they are offering free bike tune up service

They get people blowing the Campbell Street crossing - from Taylor Sq to start of the Bourke St Cycleway.

Also they get people blowing Taylor sq proper regularly as bikes often enter the intersection over stop lines with red lights facing them on the pedestrian/Cycleway phase. Despite popular belief, it's not a scatter crossing, and you can't even enter a scatter anyway if you have to cross a stop line with a red light facing it.

Quite a few noobies around not knowing how to trigger induction loops so I just took the road lane around all that.

Watch out this afternoon.
Hey, at least with a pushie you either have one or not. On a moto you can be pulled over, checked and then done for as little as not having an AS1698 sticker on your visor - when visors aren't event mandatory in any event!

Then there's the whole helmet cam/clams thing.

Serious question, has Anyone been pulled over on a pushie and questioned about the actual helmet they were wearing?

If you wear something like a Yakkay then yes - my wife has been stop and question wearing one but as yet not ticketed or even warned. But be warned they do notice these things when they have a bee in their bonnet about something. 

Unusually a few cops in cars today too. One car blocking off half the exit from the glebe foreshore walk at Bridge Rd,  just sitting in his car parked on the footpath not doing anything useful as far as I could see. Had my under 12 yo free pass for footpath riding with me today so wasn't too worried.Two on bikes in Victoria Park Redfern (lost my footpath free pass by this point). Another standing next to a car a the crossing point on Bourke Street cycleway (you know the one with a zebra crossing where cars need to give way to peds right next to a "bikes give way" crossing for bikes, confused? So are the drivers) 

Still, lots of bikes out this morning, I had to wait 30 or 40 seconds before joining the Bourke Street Cycleway due to bike traffic.

Lots of police out in general.

There were a few at Wynard, George st, but not targeting cyclists.

Cops have been all over intersections on Kent, York and Castlereagh the past few weeks (since the bus changes) targeting pedestrian safety. SO I'm not surprised to see they've switched to targeting cyclists.

Wish they'd be useful and go and talk to the pedestrians on the new cycleway along Liverpool and south Kent. And I mean pedestrians ON the cycleway.


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