Operation Pedro. 'Targeting cyclist and pedestrian safety.'

Thought there were a lot of police around this morning. Let the targeting of pedestrians and cyclists by the police commence continue.

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Like this idea. Something to make the pedro cops feel useless and mocked. Make them go back to their superiors and say "Targeting people on bikes sucks, and isn't worth the effort. Maybe we could do something else instead?"

Yesterday evening as I was riding down Lilyfield Road hill I saw a LOT of cops. Thought no this is WAY over the top.

Found out today that Milo Y held a secret event at Le Montage last night - and there was a massive police presence. 

I thought here is my big chance for a pursuit! Mounted cops, cops on motor bikes, cops in cars, vans etc... It would have been Benny Hill epic but alas they were harassing people who oppose fascism and not people using bicycles for transportation.


There was also a public meeting in a park, heard sirens but didn't go. Anyone read John Safran's book on the far right crazies? 

dunno - how about the hundreds of far-left crazies causing all the ruckus?

Safran gives them a serve too, but they don't seem to be as stupid as the far right.

yep, dinged my bell furiously as I went past them, Tues and Wed, plus 2 more on bikes on the bay run (Tues).

Did Milo pay for all those cops, or are we getting reamed for the cost.

Don't bother replying as I know the answer.

I always find it amusing that those who purport to oppose fascism want to shut down free speech.

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

"...if a society is tolerant without limit, their ability to be tolerant will eventually be seized or destroyed by the intolerant..."


I'm OK with shutting down facsists like Milo. If we don't, a far worse shutting down occurs.

again - you use that word.

Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce

Yes - my thought as well - this is now serious overkill for Pedro. That said, I rode the brakes the whole way down assuming they were checking for speeding now.... I of course had my bell and helmet.

So I am (sort of) relieved to hear it was for Milo.

The over zealous school monitors are out in full force according to FB posts. 

How revolting... a govt gazetted out-group discrimination campaign under the pretense of safety

yep, six cops at Pyrmont Bridge, what a waste of $.

They'd make more $ if they stood on that corner for a day, pinging all the jay walkers that try and get themselves run over. 


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