Operation Pedro. 'Targeting cyclist and pedestrian safety.'

Thought there were a lot of police around this morning. Let the targeting of pedestrians and cyclists by the police commence continue.

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Yes - my thought as well - this is now serious overkill for Pedro. That said, I rode the brakes the whole way down assuming they were checking for speeding now.... I of course had my bell and helmet.

So I am (sort of) relieved to hear it was for Milo.

The over zealous school monitors are out in full force according to FB posts. 

How revolting... a govt gazetted out-group discrimination campaign under the pretense of safety

yep, six cops at Pyrmont Bridge, what a waste of $.

They'd make more $ if they stood on that corner for a day, pinging all the jay walkers that try and get themselves run over. 

The people getting pinged when I rolled past were those that had more of a casual rider look.

Probably not members of any organisation that broadcast the Op Pedro or on any cycling forums. Just people  who decided to ride in to work on a lovely morning without giving it too much thought.

Pretty sad state of affairs.


yeah, I warned my son not to ride today as he regularly takes the footpath. 

NSW choices, Bus&Train or Police or Ambulance/Hearse

What's the legality of upstreaming the cops and warning riders, either verbally or with a sign?

That was common practice back in the 80s(?) when mobile radar first appeared. I think there were fines handed out for stuff like obstructing police. Once upon a time it was illegal to flash your headlights to oncoming cars as a warning for police radar presence. Though I think this went to court once and it was determined to be protected under freedom of speech - that is, you cannot be prevented from warning people about something. So based on that, I think it could be possible to be fined for warning people, but easily fought against (although a hassle)

There is (currently) an offence for just flashing headlights without cause. $115 but no loss of points. I'm sure "to warn about a radar trap" qualifies for "without cause".

The 'flashing headlight' thing is disguised under a potential hazard or harassment to others if I'm not mistaken. Similar to sounding the horn for no good reason

I've heard of police operations being announced on radio as they are occurring 

I'm sure that wouldn't have happened if it was illegal and it attracted a police rocking up with an infringement notice

>They'd make more $ if they stood on that corner for a day, pinging all the jay walkers that try and get themselves run over. 

It's much easier to fine one cyclist $330 for not wearing a helmet, $439 for crossing when the bicycle lantern is red or flashing and $106 for not having a bell than ticketing 12 "jaywalkers". BTW I think that even having the "crime" of jaywalking is ludicrous and no one should encourage its enforcement.

Just note that it is illegal to cross a road when within 20 metres of a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights with pedestrian lanterns - so I take 30 to 40 steps away before crossing the road.


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