Operation Pedro. 'Targeting cyclist and pedestrian safety.'

Thought there were a lot of police around this morning. Let the targeting of pedestrians and cyclists by the police commence continue.

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Better still it they directed motor traffic not to turn right or left into or out of Pirama Rd. 

Operation Pedro active again Monday April 22 2018.  From BNSW

The thing is, if due to the draconian rules and overt focus on cyclists for minor infractions led to less cycling and/or less cyclist deaths, all sides of the "round table" will claim overwhelming credit and proof that it works

From NSW govt (Libs in this cae), to NSW Police Force to CyclingNSW/Australia , MHL Lobby groups etc etc 

But the reality is cycling fatalities were up in 2017 while 17 MPD were recorded. 

They should come out and take credit for it too

Leave you ID at home eh


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