Just a quick post showing off our new bike room.

Nice isn't it. Complete with lockers and newly fitted out showers down the hall.

The entry double doors open automatically using a  swipe pass and when you a press a button on the way out.

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Which part of the The Netherlands is this ? 

The Netherlands?  Outdoor bike racks are the norm and far less carbon! :-p

Couldn't be Holland, the bikes have drop bars.

On a serious note though, that looks like an excellent facility. My only nitpick, and it's a small one, is that the lockers are the wrong shape.

They should be taller and narrower, so that you can hang shirts etc.

Sorry, what I didn't show was the men's change room through next door with 70 lockers just like these sans the lurid green painted walls. I also discovered, today, a fold out ironing board and iron! The problem is you cannot (as per the conditions of use) "bags" a locker making them pretty much useless for an everyday commuter like me as you cannot leave work clothes in the lockers overnight. So I would have to go up the lift to my office, grab my shirt, suit, shoes and socks then come down, have shower, get dressed and leave my cycling gear in the lockers. So instead I come in, have shower and then go upstairs and get changed into my work gear in a meeting room as I have always done over the past 5 years. I always have at least half dozen shirts, two suits, two pairs of shoes and about a dozen ties. Would be awesome if I could put them all in a locker, or two.

You should educate them on why that policy needs to change.

Many users I imagine would be happy to pay a small monthly fee for a permanent locker.

As per your comment, it's somewhat pointless having such good lockers if you can't leave a selection of work clothes in them overnight.

Maybe a suggestion is that they could have an allocation of "permanent" and "casual" lockers?

Put in a small charge for a permanent one, to deter people from reserving one and not using it.

Whats that - space for 60 bicycles in a non-car accessible double car space ?

I must work in the same building as you. I used it for the first time this morning and I have to say I am pretty impressed with the new room....

All you need to add is a fan and a vending machine.


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