I've just signed up for Bike SA's Outback Odyssey (http://www.bikesa.asn.au/outbackodyssey). 900km of mostly dirt over 15 days heading north from Adelaide to the Flinders Range.

Anyone else doing this next month?

Anyone done it in the past? How was it?

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So I suppose you recall or were prompted by the Chris Rogers "An Odyssey of my own" in Checkpoint 67? Do they pedal the bike for you or do you still have to do that yourself?
I hope they don't pedal for me. That's the best part. If it makes you feel any better I have to set up my own tent each day. Life is tough.
I happy for them to carry my gear and feed me. Evidently there'll be morning and afternoon "refreshments" too. Could end up riding 900km and putting on weight. Ha ha.

No, not on the bike but been in and around those parts quite a bit. Enjoy, will be a good ride in a great part of the country.

Things that spring to mind are cat heads, snakes and the bouncing rocks that jump in front of you and go straight up the hills no matter what.

If time/circumstances permit, try to take a flight over Wilpena Pound while you're at Rawnsley Park Station. Magnificent on a clear day. Art gallery in the round at Hawker was worth a look too!

Time wandering around Burra is well spent and we found it to be a charming place. We found it to be pretty flat the way that we went by stinkbox from Adelaide until about Quorn, and from then through to RPS there were lots of rolling hills.

I've had a tour of that area planned for about the last 10-15 years. I'll have to do it soon before my use-by date kicks in.

AND you cannot go to Burra without a visit to the coffee shop called Kookaburra, not sure why they would call it that but it could be some sort of play on words.

(The regional display room above the Burra Town Hall is also pretty fancy if you like sheep)

Thanks guys.

We have a rest day at Burra so should get the chance for a wander around and visit to coffee shop/s.

Have you decided on tires for the trip yet?

The tyres that are on the bike should be fine. I recently put Schwalbe Marathon Plus 42mm on. They are heavy, I call them flywheels. I've used them on a few different surfaces now and they work. I've inflated them to a bit less than 50 psi. I'm expecting that the built in puncture protection will be sufficient for the car heads.

Do you have some thoughts on suitable tyres?

I've used same or similar for many years. A few times their Mondial and as much as 45mm and on tar normally 32. But their lack of suppleness becomes a bit of an issue on rougher surfaces.

Some people reckon 2" or 2.1" tubeless go better on tracks. I've not tried that but last year a mate had 1.75" Smart Sams and I had Mondial 42s on the Tasmanian Trail. He sailed around corners that I fell off on.

Time to try out some of the Clement X’plor type tyres Noel.

Been using the USH 35mm for a bit now and finding them to be a pretty good all-rounder. Also behave very well with dt swiss rims. Not sure how they would go with old skool fully loaded touring but for mid weight and bike packing they handle and wear well on and off tar.

I find anything over the 1.9 inch just becomes a big push so deem them to be not worth the balance between quality of plush vs fun.
Oh and for cat heads, always find a bit of tread depth helps prevent punctures, as kids we always knew it was time for new tyres once the catheads would start to bite your thorn proof tubes.

i"ve found this websiite to be interesting for the ssort of info you might find useful.


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