Overgrown path along the northern side of the CWL west of Timbrell Drive

This path extends the Bay Run cycleway (which starts at the Hawthorn Canal, passes the Haberfield Rowing Club and reaches Timbrell Dive and the mini-Anzac Bridge before turning north) from the western side of Timbrell Drive to the intersection of Waratah Street with the City West Link (CWL).

While Westconnex was widening the CWL, the path was closed and became quite overgrown to the point where it narrowed to little more than a bike width. It is a route which I sometimes use and to prevent it being lost completely, I cleared it over a few days last week.

It is now free of rubbish, shopping trolleys, low overhanging branches, washed-in dirt and masses of long grass. It has a fast, smooth surface, should be quite safe to ride at night and is wide enough for two way cycling traffic. It connects the Bay Run cycleway with Waratah Street, Reg Coady Reserve and paths to Martin and Ramsey Streets.

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Thumbs up to you Bill!

Saw you working there on Sunday, Bill! 

The problem with that path as a route is the corner at Timbrell Drive, it’s restricted by the bridge railings and CWL concrete barrier. Danger of toppling over onto the CWL. We need to get RMS to reconstruct it, but maybe a big ask. It was recognised years ago as a problem, and the path along the canal has never been well used. Stupid thing is Westconn put up a bike route sign to Abbotsford opposite Waratah St recently. (See photo 3 in link below)

You can also cross over the CWL from that same corner and use the old Dobroyd Pde next to the CWL on the other side, up to Waratah. I’ve put this to Inner West Council, and there is some interest in making Dobroyd Pde a bike route,  to join with the new shared path between Waratah and Parramatta Rd. It’s very quiet, being only an access road for the properties along the CWL.

No bike lights at any leg on Waratah St, despite it being a Council bike route, with a two stage refuge crossing on the CWL, but you don’t have to wait too long.


G'day Bob, agreed, the Timbrell Drive footpath is tiny but nevertheless I have seen two cyclists storing there preparing to cross the CWL heading south. Agreed that the back streets to the south of the CWL are a better route to Bunnings but I suggest that if you need to go towards Kings Road Fivedock (would hesitate to suggest Queens Road) this is a fast route.

I did a bike count yesterday at Timbrell 5:30 to 6:30pm and 9 went south across the CWL, 3 went west and 55 followed the Bay Run north across the mini-Anzac bridge with 28 coming the other way.

IW Council has resolved to approach RMS about improvements to the intersections atTimbrell and Waratah, and also to discuss with Canada Bay about replacing the foot bridge over the canal opposite Waratah. 

Excuse my ignorance... but what's the "mini-Anzac Bridge"?

corner of City West Link and Timbrell Dr, at far west end of Iron Cove. Unlike Tibby Cotter this bridge is useful. Before, cyclists had to share the narrow footpath on the road bridge. Part of the general upgrade of the Bay Run in 2016 to a segregated path.

Ohhhh, so it's fairly new? I don't think I've been to that part of the dark side for years.

Those 55 steps, I know.

The Bay Run/Cycle to give it its full name is a nice* 7 km off road circuit, and you can throw in a few hills around Callan Park for good measure.

*mid week particularly, and assuming walkers and joggers keep to their side of the segregated path. The adjacent Henley Marine Drive is available if you like to go fast or have meaningful chats to motorists of the “Get on the path ya mug” type.


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