You have until 17th January to have your say on the Oxford Street Cycleway:

Project description

Oxford Street, on the northern border of Centennial Park, is a busy inner city road carrying high volumes of daily vehicle traffic. The number of cyclists using the road for both recreational and work commuting purposes is rapidly increasing.

As outlined in the Centennial Park Master Plan 2040, we have proposed the creation of a new cycleway between York Road and Paddington Gates, along the northern side of the Park. While Oxford Street is generously wide for vehicles, it is a particularly constrained environment for cyclists during congested peak hour traffic.

This cycleway aims to address these challenges that exist for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists using this stretch of roadway, and will connect to the surrounding cycleway network connecting Bondi Junction and the Eastern Suburbs with the City.

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This is much better! It addresses many of the problems at the Paddo gates.

It's unclear how east-bound commuters along Oxford St enter, however - right turn to Lang then left at the gates? Maybe a bit sketchy?

The knee-bend and the "shared path" with bus stop at the Woollhara gates still needs to get fixed as well - both may require some RMS prodding also?

I've already filled in the survey and it won't let me do it again - what's a good way to provide positive feedback to the Trust about this?

It's definitely an improvement, but for me the core issue remains that this proposed cycleway is not on what Jason referred to as the "Desire Line" of cyclists.

The vast majority of riders along here use Oxford St, and I'm concerned that this new path will be underutilised. As we've seen in the past, poorly used bike infrastructure simply gives ammo to the critics.

On the question of submitting another feedback form, have you tried deleting the cookies in your browser? That sometimes works.

Out of interest I tried the dog leg to turn onto Oxford from the gates.  First of all - going directly onto the road and turning is illegal (no right turn signposted).  Second of all the intersection has the footpath butted hard against the road, which means there is only space for about 3 bicycles and they'd be in the footcrossing attempting to do a hook turn (also not certain that a hook turn on a no-right-turn sign is legal either).  So the route that people are currently using, is probably illegal without dismounts and definately impinging on pedestrians.

The Lang Rd intersection would have to be redesigned with the intention of being able to buffer at least 20 bicycles in a large bicycle box, with ample access time (ie reduced left turning timings for motorists) in order to have any chance of functioning as a commuter route.

Moore Park Rd isn't the desire line and the infrastructure on Moore Park road is awful - a bicycle lane through a doorzone with a random end that connecting a better path up to is not solving anyones problems.

CP would be better off doing nothing until RMS comes to the party for a total look at bike routes from Bondi Junction to the City.

Bike East has also called for a flyover at the Anzac Pde/Moore Park Rd and Flinders St intersection. If that was in MP Rd would be more attractive than going through Paddo, I think.

email, Subject "Oxford St Cycleway ", and they are on facebook.

UPDATE: The new footpath between Woollahra Gates and Paddington gates is complete. It is plain concrete and immediately adjacent to the traffic hurtling along Oxford Street and separated from the cycleway. There is a retaining wall between the footpath and cycleway in front of the playing fields that looks unfinished (a bit rough) so not sure what is going on there.

The cycleway is progressing quickly and half of the concrete pour has been completed. The length is about 600 metres and width is 3 metres. It seems well constructed and a minimum disturbance to trees has been achieved. The concreters seem to think the cycleway concrete pour will be finished tomorrow. The cycleway enters Centennial Park between the toilets and Ranger's house at the western end and adjacent to the entrance gate at the Woollahra end. There is no indication of any lighting for the cycleway being installed.

A few photos:

A little more info here.

They say lighting is being considered on the shady parts of the cycleway. Also that RMS is undertaking a review of the intersection at Paddo Gate end. I guess attention should be focused on RMS now, what are they going to do with all those city-bound cyclists wanting to get onto Oxford St?

I wouldn't blame pedestrians if they choose to use the cycleway in preference to the narrow path right next to the road. It is less than a metre wide in places by the look of the plans. But cyclists might chose to use the footpath at the Paddo end to shortcut the dog legs through the car park.

As CP says in the above link. won't be their problem once this path is done. Just a pity RMS couldn't/wouldn't come to the party sooner on the end connections.
Looks great, though I dont really understand the point if you have to enter and exit though the park gates. A road inside the park with very little traffic already exist that connects the two points. May save 30 seconds???

It's a shame nothing can be done on Oxford St. Heading east toward Bondi junction after this path in front of the bus depot is unsafe.

Thanks Bob - from reading that link, it sounds like there's some small signs of hope.

They seem to be suggesting that the RMS is planning to redesign some aspects of the Oxford St/Moore Park Road intersection.


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