You have until 17th January to have your say on the Oxford Street Cycleway:

Project description

Oxford Street, on the northern border of Centennial Park, is a busy inner city road carrying high volumes of daily vehicle traffic. The number of cyclists using the road for both recreational and work commuting purposes is rapidly increasing.

As outlined in the Centennial Park Master Plan 2040, we have proposed the creation of a new cycleway between York Road and Paddington Gates, along the northern side of the Park. While Oxford Street is generously wide for vehicles, it is a particularly constrained environment for cyclists during congested peak hour traffic.

This cycleway aims to address these challenges that exist for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists using this stretch of roadway, and will connect to the surrounding cycleway network connecting Bondi Junction and the Eastern Suburbs with the City.

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I thought this had been covered several times - the cycleways have no definition under the NSW road rules and thus aren't enforceable. Bicycle Lane has a specific meaning and must be marked as such (section 153) and the cycleways are not.

FWIW I hope this police officer doesn't go near Union St at peak times or he/she will be apoplectic

The officer in question was part of one of the red light running/helmet law sting operations they did in 2012. I was on foot at the time, and wished to point out that whenever I used the bike lanes, I'd been unable to get the sensors to trigger at all, therefore they were prosecuting people based on faulty infrastructure.

Needless to say, he didn't give a monkeys, and carried on happily ticketing riders for crossing while the ped lights were green but the bike lights red. Asshat that he was.

I rarely use the Union St cycleway going east, instead wait in the middle lane until the green left turn arrow goes red, then get to front of the left car lane and go up the other ramp onto the bridge. I've only had a reaction from the police there on 2 occasions:

Once, I got a dirty look but nothing verbal. Once, a copper (deliberately IMO) stood in the ramp, forcing me to lift the bike over the kerb (I can't bunnyhop at acute angles), but didn't say anything.

A few of them have let the power go to their heads I reckon.  How do you get to be a bike cop? Is it a prized job, keenly sought after? Or is it the equivalent of peeling potatoes in the army?


I go round Pirrama road. Union Street is just too ridiculous.

I can add an extra kilometre and (usually) still arrive at the Anzac on-ramp at the same time as riders with whom I'd crossed Pyrmont Bridge. Yes, it's that absurd.

Coming the other way I either go round Bowman - or zip up Miller and turn left down Harris - toward Pirrama, with broadly the same effect

During the actual process of being ticketed, I would tell an officer that I see no RMS approved onroad cyclelane, and no RMS approved begin onroad cyclelane sign, and no RMS cyclists not permitted onroad sign, but wouldn't otherwise threaten him with going to court or whatever.  I would expect at that point to recieve a garbled verbal caution and be sent on my way.

If they did somehow continue with that ticket, I'd elect to have it heard at court, make them aware of my intention to plead not guilty and I'd expect that it would be dropped on the mentions day, or the day before (usually with some smarmy letter about obeying the law - when they were plainly engaged in fraud).  That is how parking revenue also works - ie if you were not in fact illegally parked, they will keep going until just before it lands in court.

You can use Carrington drive.  If they wanted they could put 25m of cycleway at each end to invite the external rider onto Carrington drive (and thus make it abundantly clear its open at night for cycling), but its plainly a cycling friendly road as is, and has a superior view and less noise and doesn't need them to build bad cycleway that runs through a carpark and has repeated sharp 90 degree corners, and any cyclist that uses it, will commit to the whole distance, and will not hop off the cycleway when it begins to deviate from the desire line.

From a park denizens safety perspective, I'd rather locate a group of people on Carrington drive 50m away with my headlight where I can bail to the grass or turn around, than I would locate 3 people behind the supers house below the retaining wall at night.

Had a look at proposal (grade separated for peds and bikes) - looks great!

Re: the comment "90% of people take the right fork" - this might be at your commute time of day and at your speed/experience level? I've gone this way for 3 + years of cycling in Sydney, and will always pick Carrington Dr over the 4 lanes of traffic westbound.

Until recently, have ridden mostly in the afternoon/ evenings, (towards city), which is great in summer but not attractive after dark, which is limiting.  Now trying this route now as a peak hour morning commute and I would definitely prefer a cycleway, as proposed, even with wiggly bits!  Perhaps fast, vehicular cyclists use the road now, but what about future cyclists or newer cyclists? And people going to Moore Park/ Entertainment Quarter, etc?

And yep, I currently go across 2 sets of ped lights to make an awkward box turn into Oxford St. Perhaps unseen by the sporty riders :-)  and will likely continue to. The fastest route with least dismounts is simply a lower priority than safety, but I'd still like to ride to work.

Have made a submission and also asked for good lighting too. Any suggestions to make a bike path connect better to the 'desire line' when reaching the intersection would be very interesting, though! 

When this came up last year people made the comment that it all depends on the connections at either end. Seems they have attempted to address the York st end, even if the proposed Priority Cycle Crossing is very exposed- they could maybe close or reroute Carrington to exiting vehicles, or redesign that whole big Y space, but have failed to do anything at the Paddo end, unless RMS has been secretly doing a redesign of the intersection to get cyclists through more conveniently and safely, particularly heading west. Heading east you can do a box turn, like Bec says, storing in Queens rd, and head into the park to use Carrington Rd, or are you referring to heading west, and storing in Lang Rd?

I dunno, reckon they should just use Carrington Rd, with some mods,(like closing it to cars:)). And why do they need a car park behind the Supers house? The kids will all be able to cycle to the playground, if that's what the car park is for. The shared path up to the Paddo Gates is rubbish too, for a commuter route.

Hi Bob, I meant heading west and 'storing' in Lang Rd, to get to Oxford St.

Going east I'd pick any one of about 3 options, depending on time day, riding companions, and hill climbing ability! Box turn into paddo gates and the cycleway would be nice.

I'm trying also to make a point about personal safety in the park at night too - its dark at the end of a work day, in winter.  (Thanks for all your perseverance and advocacy, by the way!)

Surely Carrington is safe for new / casual cyclists now ?

I would have thought the plan that they have at the carpark - where cars stop and reverse on the cycleway, is far worse than anything that ever happens on Carrington ?

Child who turns into that carpark as a 4wd reverses to rear-in-park as they intend to change it is probably going to get run over, because even if they dodge you know which way they'll dodge (into the arc of the car).

Maybe one reason Carrington seemingly has not been considered is because there is parking all along one side. They might have to remove it to put in a bike lane. Quelle Horreur. Also I guess there is the odd heavy vehicle going to the plant at the water reservoirs? Or are they disused?

Taking a spin along Carrington on Streetview shows some delightful trees and views, and at one stage there is a cyclist heading west. Google also shows from Oxford St a cyclist exiting the York St gates through the in gate- typical!

Bike East is calling for support for a submission to RMS to adjust the medians in Oxford St and shift everything a bit north to allow room for the cycleway to continue north of the Supers House. Doesnt address the Oxford St connection though.

can do a quick response on the survey form



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