Pacific Highway is to lose a car lane and covert to a bike lane

The new lane will link the harbour bridge cycleway via a bi -directional cycleway on the pacific highway through to west street then onto Amherst street Cameray. This will cost $15 million funded largely by the State Government. 

Story in the Terragrath anyone know if this is going ahead and when

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This is the NSW-level story in the Murdoch press:

It says "may" it is a media beat up as the froth had almost dried at the mouths of Telegraph readers.


Plans. Plans. Plans. How many times have we heard about plans?

Will anything ever happen? I'll believe it when my grandchildren are riding on it. (I don't have any yet.)

And you gotta wonder when you read things like: "Mr Mitchell said the RMS was considering changing traffic-light phasing to allow bikes to cross at the interestion [sic] of Pacific Highway and West St."

"Considering changing traffic-light phasing", eh? Where? Given that this intersection doesn't even have traffic lights at the moment...

It is part of the very good North Sydney Council Draft Integrated Cycling Strategy. Big document with a big vision. Obviously there is a fair way to go between the idea and the implementation, and the Pacific Highway route is not the only option discussed, but it is just really refreshing to see council areas outside the City of Sydney at least talking about infrastructure.

But I like chugging up Pac Hwy to West St while I have cars tail gating me and close passing me and I especially love the taxis parked in the transit lane in the afternoons.
The amusing part of that article are the NRMA comments. That part of Pac Hwy is never congested no matter what time of day it is. Just goes to show people will complain for the sake of complaining.

Indeed. The only mention of traffic numbers is "a few kilometers north", hardly the same thing.

The NRMA has slammed the plan, saying it was unwise to remove a traffic lane from a major road.

The plan doesn't remove a traffic lane - it replaces one traffic lane with two traffic lanes, and increases the capacity of the road overall. Their criticism is either ignorant or disingenuous.

It really doesn't remove a traffic lane for most of it. The highway is 2 lanes each way with the "S" lanes. So it should really only remove a parked car lane.

Pac highway has commercial and retail space along both sides, its not a motorway.  Narrowing it protects pedestrians and raises the ability to perform the retail and commercial functions.

Whilst the intended cyclelanes are poorly designed from every road users perspective there is a great deal of sense in doing this, not least reduced chance of fatalities, and increased support of retail/commercial space amenity.

Unfortunately I have little doubt that imagination will lack in the details.


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