Pacific Highway is to lose a car lane and covert to a bike lane

The new lane will link the harbour bridge cycleway via a bi -directional cycleway on the pacific highway through to west street then onto Amherst street Cameray. This will cost $15 million funded largely by the State Government. 

Story in the Terragrath anyone know if this is going ahead and when

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Sorry, a little truncated in my response. 

Was referring specifically to the final sentence about avoiding the path altogether.  My feeling is that despite your and Neil's misgivings, which I share, I don't see that they are sufficient to warrant abandoning the path in favour of the road. 

Apart from anything else, it's guaranteed to induce angrier motorists than currently.

Maybe the idea would be an uphill bike lane only, on the highway.

Faster, confident riders could use the road downhill in traffic and a downhill back-street route could be implemented for the more timid. E.g. Angelo St, which is one-way down already.

Miller St would be a bit nicer alternative: only 2 lanes of noise/stink, a few more trees/shade, and would provide a safe route to the entrance of one school. A few bike racks outside a cafe or two, and voila North Sydney could really benefit. The RMS is not thinking of the commerce possibilities.

Further to Kim's comment, I'm also a member of N Syd Sustainable Transport Reference Group.  It appears Transport for NSW is pushing this project but the RMS will need to be convinced.

N Syd Council now has some very supportive staff so hopefully this project will proceed.  HarbourLink apparently too expensive given the pathetic NSW funding for cycling, though peanuts in terms of transport dollars.

Most of the costs of the separated cycleways are below ground. When you are moving kerb locations it has implications for drainage, which can result in time consuming and expensive excavation work.

Sounds as if it could really happen.  I share Neil's concern about the bi-directional bit.  I never use the York St. cycleway downhill.  But certainly having a segregated path for the uphill will attract many more to commute per cycle.  And that is the main thing isn't it? 

West St. is pretty awful at the moment.  But presuming that is all fixed up then we come the the Brook St. underpass/overpass which has been talked about for soooooo long.  Surely something has to be done about that to coincide with the new work?

Even though I'm on the faster end of the cycling spectrum, I seldom feel threatened heading up the pacific highway. I live in Wollstonecraft so every ride means a hike up the highway. The only times I've felt a car breathing down my neck is when there are roadworks and the lanes compress into a single one. IMO, making the left-most uphill lane a clearway and more bike signage on the road would suffice.

When this goes ahead, I'll be most interested in how they handle the bus stops - there's going to be some serious pedestrian dodging going on during peak hour.

Even though I'm on the faster end of the cycling spectrum, I seldom feel threatened heading up the pacific highway

You mean "because I'm on the faster end of the cycling spectrum", surely? But most people aren't.

IMO, an uphill clearway would just encourage idiots to speed in the kerbside lane.

Bus stops: certainly a design challenge along there with a bi-di. But done with reasonable success along Longueville/Epping Rds, as long as cyclists go slow and take care. Er, there's the rub...

That too - result of a lunchtime energy crash! Despite my previous post, I'm really keen to see this built. There's always a bit of a bank up of cars turning left into miller from the PH in the mornings as a result of the pedestrian crossing and I don't always have the legs left after a morning's thrash to overtake with ease.

>Pacific Highway is to lose a car lane and covert to a bike lane

Bugger, I thought this was going to be the Bridge to Brisbane.

On Monday the RACV desperately trying to get some good PR, suggested closing part of Elizabeth Street in Melbourne's CBD and turning it into a shopping mall to increase safety for motorists and cyclists.

Meanwhile in NSW, the NRMA opposes the Pacific Highway proposal ..... their president is a former North Sydney councillor!

When the Warringah Freeway opened, traffic on this short section of Pacific Highway dropped overnight by 40%. The freeway did what it was meant to do: it diverted traffic away from the North Sydney CBD, significantly reducing air pollution, noise and safety impacts on the local community (except for those unfortunate to be living next to the freeway).
The 6 traffic lanes in this section were (and still are) no longer needed. It was a missed opportunity to transform North Sydney CBD from a traffic sewer into a thriving commercial and cultural district. Now we have another chance, and at the same time we can separate the thousands of people walking and cycling from the few remaining motor vehicles (and from each other).

Should have been done years ago.


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