Pacific Highway is to lose a car lane and covert to a bike lane

The new lane will link the harbour bridge cycleway via a bi -directional cycleway on the pacific highway through to west street then onto Amherst street Cameray. This will cost $15 million funded largely by the State Government. 

Story in the Terragrath anyone know if this is going ahead and when

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But we don't know how it is going to link up with the SHB.
Are they going to get rid of the 55 steps?
What about Alfred st south?

It's there on the map on page 33 of the plan. Southbound route is Pacific Highway, left into tunnel under bridge then joins current cycle path through Middlemiss Street. Harbour Bridge steps not within the scope of this plan.

Let's look at the important issue here: how does this plan affect me?

Heading north to work the only change is I get a cycleway - the route stays the same.

Heading south to home, instead of using Mackenzie and Middlemiss streets, I can use the cycleway which will run straight past my current office.

Great news! But I bet I'm rolled off this project before they even get the plan approved.  

Correct but would like to think my kids will be able to ride in and out of NthSyd safely in a few years.

I would be happy with a cheap and quick option like in Turkey, okay a bit more width in the path would help in the down and up hill parts but these could be on and down without too much cost.

Bus lanes would have to shift in some way or form so they can stop and pick up and drop off without peoples hanging about in the bike lanes....

What did happen here? Did the bi-Di ever get built?

My understanding is that while the RMS's consultants investigated converting the kerbside (northbound) lane on the highway, with the lane being close to 3.0 metres wide and with a (probably) 0.6 metre wide concrete kerb to provide separation, there were concerns that the remaining 2.4 metres would be too narrow with cyclists travelling at significant downhill speed ..... perhaps the separated lane should be for uphill cyclists only.  

Extremely disappointing that yet again the RMS has failed to come up with a solution and it's taken them so long ..... not good enough for a so-called professional organisation with its massive budget!  Motor vehicles dominating their thinking yet again!

Shades of Lilyfield Rd, where Council still wants a bi-di down a steep hill. Not sure what RMS position is.


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