Hi all,

a strap has broken on my pannier for my pushie. I was hoping to take advantage of the collective knowledge to see if anyone can recommend a place to get it repaired. I need someone who can do industrial sewing. I've considered canvas repair places, but I thought I'd try here first for recommendations.

I'm Sydney based. Anything close to Parramatta would be great, but I'm willing to travel.


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I'm not in a position to recommend a place as I'm not in Sydney.

However I've been able to have panniers (and my light weight tent) repaired at my local clothing alteration shop. They have robust sewing machines. Something to consider in your area?

If your local alterations shop can't do it, check out the "alterations district" in the bowels of Wynyard station. There are about 5 or 6 different alterations businesses there. I've had leather stuff repaired there, and if they can sew leather they can probably do a pannier.

Shoe repairers might be worth checking out as well.

I used a local shoe repairer to sew up a leather satchel on which one of the seams had come loose. He charged me $6.

There is also the Luggage Repair Centre in Sussex St (they did a good job of repairing my Qantas-damaged bike case), you could try contacting them.

Given you probably want a functional rather than beautiful repair (i.e. you're more worried about it being repaired properly than being unseen) I suspect most shoe repair or alterations places can probably do it (if they have the right kind of industrial-strength machine). Try giving them a call, and see if you can arrange a time to have it done on the spot if it's not a complicated job?

I would also suggest the luggage repair place, they have good skills and would have the correct type of thread and fabrics to make a proper repair. A regular alterations place may not have the correct weight of thread to be able to make a solid repair of your pannier.

Best to ask them not to do an excessive amount of stitching on any part of the bag which would be up to catch the rain (needle penetration marks can render a waterproof bag useless). If the stitching absolutely has to be on the top then take a look at adding a waterproof fabric patch underneath the repair to keep the integrity of the bag.

I've had a couple of tent peg straps sewn back onto onto a tent at Venus repairs in Bathurst St.  They did a good job, reinforcing the fabric portion also.

Well- I would recommend duct tape in the meantime. Sorry- I can't say "duct tape" without thinking of this old joke my US mate keeps telling after a few beers ( mate, when you are used to American beer it only takes one schooner of Tooheys... LOL )  Note: my apologies if this somehow offends any cat lovers here?

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The next morning, the old man is out watching the sun rise and he sees the boy walk by carrying something in his hand. "Hey boy, whatcha got there?"

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I recently had the shoe repair place on level 2 at westfields parramatta near the Church st Mall entrance repair the fold out panniers on my Topeak MTX trunk bag. The heavy duty stitching had been torn and it meant the actual pannier sections were at risk of coming completely off the rack top section. Several years of carrying a laptop and steel toe cap work boots around on a commute with some rough off road sections will do that apparently. (tip for young players, always check the units, a 16.6l capacity doesn't mean it can handle 16kgs) 

Anyway, at first, i was a bit disappointed because to look at the repair it was a little sketchy and i could see he'd used some of the glue used to hold the soles of shoes on as well as stitching it with his industrial sewing machine. but its since copped a few months of abuse and its doesn't look like its going to fail anytime soon. I left the bag with him overnight and it cost $30. Overall i'm happy because its repaired but you could probably get the same or better work done at a cheaper price by looking around and using an alterations or shoe/luggage repair place that isn't a chain store in a super convenient location.  

Do it yourself, get some decent thread and a needle!

Yes, or could do so with this!! http://www.speedystitcher.com/products.html  have one, use it and like it ( a #120 with extra waxed thread). Also make things, with a bit of canvas you can sew up bike tool kits, a pouch type things to carry tubes, ......


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