This interesting story unfolding in Britain, concerning a couple who let their children cycle to school. It's  a journey of under two kilometres and they only cross one road, under guidance of a lollipop lady. Still, the principal of the school has said he'll refer the matter to social workers if it continues.

Bonking Boris Johnson has sprung to their defence!!!

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Absolutely agree. Great parents. The kids love it too when you are stopped at the lights (they manage to stop behind the line on the sensors, don't know why almost everyone else can't - but I digress) and you tell them how great they are riding!

Real credit to those parents.


And we wonder why we've got a childhood obesity epidemic?

Now we have police in NSW threatening to call DOCS if parents let their kids walk to school or catch a bus unaccompanied

What hope do cycling kids have?


I am not *that* old, yet I caught the bus to school (and walking to and from the stop) by myself from Year 3 onwards and then riding from Year 6. Also walked to the shops and went to the pool by myself or with friends too.

Still here, no PTSD or anything. No sense of denial from not having been chauferred everywhere in a massive SUV (not that they had such things). 


Stuff being a kid these days, more like a prison sentence where you become eligible for parole at 18. And even worse being a parent you can fall foul of the law for failing to live up to your custodial officer obligations.

One of the greatest memories of my childhood is the freedom riding a bike gave me. It is so sad to think moves like this by the police would deny kids that opportunity now. I wonder if the bike cops will be enforcing this one.

One of the greatest memories of my childhood is the scars riding a bike gave me.
No doubt made me a better rider and hopefully a better driver and, a parent who doesn’t helicopter my kids.

I think the cops know who/ which kids to look out for and who seems ok.

I think the cops know who/ which kids to look out for and who seems ok.

Not so sure. FWIW, I think one of the parents named in the article is a good friend. We babysat their kids a few times when they were younger and they are still regularly looked after by my mother-in-law. They are pretty worldy and good kids.

(Too much use of "they", trying to avoid giving away which one).

Well I hope so, because if a kid going to the shops on his/her own can be yanked off the street by the cops and the parents bullied, then it's a worry. I'm trying to guide my kids towards some measure of independence in an era of unprecedented restrictions on kids - this police action is unhelpful and inappropriate and needs debating. I'm sure the cops mean well, but having lived in an heavily policed part of the inner city where for years I saw kids in nappies out late at night with their older siblings with no police intervention because it was just too hard, I don't necessarily trust their judgement or their motivation on this.

But on a lighter note, at my kids' primary school this morning the two bike racks were full to overflowing! 

Not really. The officer said they'd call DOCS if they thought the child is at risk.


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