Torpedo 7 hae these on special for $199.00 at the moment.  How does that sound as a price and are they any good

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It's one-third off! Buy! Buy!! Buy!!!


Well, that's what they want you to think...

I have one similar and it can be quite useful but it is questionable whether it is essential. I have to drag it out from its corner and take it outside to use it, which is a disincentive. Often it is just as easy to turn the bicycle upside down on the lawn and carry out adjustments.

A stand is quite good when you are carrying out index gear adjustments, especially on tandems, but I can't think of anything else I do very often for which I find my stand indispensable.

Only you know your budget, your circumstances, and how much you need such a device. At $200 I would be umming-and-ahhing; but if it were only $100... Maybe hold out for the next sale of Chinese-brand stands?

Often it is just as easy to turn the bicycle upside down on the lawn and carry out adjustments.


A clear violation of Rule #49.


Universal signal of distress. Someone will stop and do the adjustment/s for you.

Unless no-one can see you on your back lawn in which case does anyone care if Rule #49 is trampled?

Rule #1 and Rule #3.

I may be a little jealous that you have a back lawn.

Don't be. It's unsustainable, as Eleri says. In future a block of flats will need to be built on it. Where will I do bike maintenance then?

Oh, dog. I must be breaching Rule #2 as well. Why don't I GAF?

I have its big sibling

Use it fairly often, not having a lawn or anything like that :-)

Indeed, I'm mostly likely to put the bike on it in the kitchen.  I find a stand very handy for things like cleaning, sorting out problems that require the wheel to be spinning or off and it has the added advantage that the height is adjustable so you can stand up rather than bend down.  Mostly I do a better job of everything when I have bothered to get the stand out and put the bike on it.  

Mine does require the front wheel to come off and clamps the forks in.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.

not having a lawn or anything like that

Don't you have nature strips in the grimy inner west? ;-)

Nope.  Those things only exist on the leafy north shore and contribute to urban sprawl so it takes longer to ride to the interesting places and makes public and active transport economically inefficient. 


Nonsense. We just have narrower roads to allow green spaces along the sides which cyclists can use when fixing their punctures. 

And, of course, the North Shore is already an interesting place to ride.


Objection Eleri.  You are suggesting that nothing interesting is to be found in suburbia!  Offence taken.  It is very exciting in my street..........or so I have been told.

On the topic of bike stands, I think Neil's cherry-picking of the velominati rules is a punishable offence.  Stop it Neil.  I use a Torpedo bike stand but just this cheapy.  It has worked perfectly satisfactorily at Chez Velo for about 10 years now (or for however long the Torpedo site has been available in Australia).

I was just going to link to this one - it's the version used by pretty much any pro mechanic. Mind you it'd have to be one helluva stand for no T7 change out of $500! But it's beauty is that a) it's very portable (if that's important or useful), b) holds your bike without clamping and c) adjustable (you can mount by F or R wheel and different sized bikes too). From memory I think you can spin the top bit around, which makes working on either side of your bike easy.

This one appears to do the same kind of job for about half the price (available from a local retailer which is often cheaper than they OS OLBS and with free (usually next-day) delivery.

I have a really heavy, un-portable stand at home, but don't need to lug it anywhere other than in and out of the garage, but at least I know it will never break or get knocked over with the CF princess in its jaws. The PCS-10 gets good reviews, and Park make good, solid stuff, so for $200 I'd say it's good value - I think I paid $350 for whatever I've got (can't remember the brand).

I have a $40 Aldi one, and use it regularly, and it really helps and seems perfectly sufficient for an occasional user. Maybe you can get something similar elsewhere?:


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