Montreal has parking meters for bikes in the CBD. They have a loop secured to a pole to lock the bike to. They are about every 10-20 meters and they appear to be well used. Most seem to have very robust locks. There seemed to be a lot of cyclists in the city and appeared to be accepted as a part of the traffic. I haven't seen any signs of aggro towards anyone. Such a charming city! 

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Does the parking cost more than the value of the bike :)

Looks like you provide your own lock, or does the thick steel ring open up on payment?

I would speculate that this is just a standard parking meter (actually just a parking space identification marker) for motor vehicles with the addition of a free securing ring for bicycles so cyclists can really get up the nose of motorists by reminding them that they get it for nothing ! A better design would have placed it slightly further out from the wall so another bike could be secured on the other side

D'oh. Here's me thinking it was some high tech locking device.


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