I'm soon to start work in Pyrmont and want to cycle from Central Station to the office. I therefore want to be able to leave a bike locked up in a secure place overnight. Can anyone give me some sensible suggestions. Is there any space left at the City Council's car park on Goulburn St? I'd plan to leave a cheap bike there rather than taking any excessive risks with keeping a decent bike locked up. Anything around the Uni? I'd be riding down Harris.

Many thanks,


PS my back up plan is to take the folder. 

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Why not just take it home with you? Looks like you would have to walk too far to or from the parking to make it worthwhile leaving it anywhere, unless UTS had some secure lockers you could rent. Give the student services a ring, but I remember looking at this before, on their website maybe, and I think it's only for students. Or do you know anyone at the ABC who could wrangle something.

HI Bob.

I did think that. I don't fancy taking the bike on the train during rush hour though. If I have to take it on the train I'll take my folder. Sadly I don't know anyone at ABC or UTS. As you say, the car parks aren't that convenient for the station. If I was back in Brisbane I'd have a very simple solution - yellow city bike. Sadly that's too difficult for Sydney. They've only just introduced the Opal card for use on the trains. That was brave of them!

Sounds like the Brompton is going to start to get used daily. 


There are (or were) a number of bike racks inside the grounds of UTS / TAFE on Harris St.  Your bike would be safer there than in public.  There's still some risk of theft,of course.  UTS did have a secure storage compound too, but probably restricted to students / staff.  Have a look around.

The basement car park of 477 Pitt st has bike racks and is relatively secure. Technically it's accessible 24/7 (on foot/by bike).

I was going to suggest that you buy a Brompton, but you already own one. Sounds like ideal duties for this capable folder, so I am wondering what reservations you hold about using it for this task.

Marky, the only thing that I perceive as offputting is finding space for the bike at
a normal seat. I suppose there is no choice but to sit at a bench seat at one of the ends of the carriages. If i was an arrogant youth I'd put it on a seat with my feet up next to it! M

But the newer trains have bike racks although I suspect it was more by accident than design!

Works perfectly, takes all shapes and sizes of bike, holds the bike securely and there is room to walk fully around the bike.

now if you took the photo in the middle of peak hours, say going home from Town Hall at 1730, other passengers might feel somewhat differently and the ease of walking around the bike might be challenged! Nether the less it doesn't stop people from taking non-folding bikes on the trains during peak hours. At least a folder can sit at your feet. At a push I could have it on my lap but that isn't preferred. 

Yes sorry, I wasn't suggesting this is a good idea in the rush hour!

Just pointing out something I discovered by accident.  I formed the view having used it that it is better than any other bike rack I have ever used or seen!  There are very few dedicated bike racks that tick all three of:  1. Holds bike upright and stable 2. Fits all sizes of bike+tyre and 3. Permits easy locking of frame to rack. 


wasn't meaning to be passive aggressive there! I agree it's a good place to slide the bike in when appropriate!

At platform 15 central station there is a bike rack. Currently there are also two temporary sheds there but still accessible. Atm a refurbishment is underway to the crew assignment centre and other facilities so these sheds will be in use 24/7. What I mean is there are train crew loitering around all the time and area is half covered by CCTV (inside the Station). I used to park there anytime of the day but now take bike inside to locker room. Leave your locks on the rack. Easy!


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