I'm soon to start work in Pyrmont and want to cycle from Central Station to the office. I therefore want to be able to leave a bike locked up in a secure place overnight. Can anyone give me some sensible suggestions. Is there any space left at the City Council's car park on Goulburn St? I'd plan to leave a cheap bike there rather than taking any excessive risks with keeping a decent bike locked up. Anything around the Uni? I'd be riding down Harris.

Many thanks,


PS my back up plan is to take the folder. 

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A bike rack? Do you know the history of that rack?   Might be a rush for it now:)

There are some bike racks out in Chalmers St too, tucked in near the lift IIRCC, but not secure.

and there was this thread for secure parking on Elizabeth St.


i also recall now some announcement by City Rail that they were considering provision of bike parking at Central, in conjunction with CoS. That might have lead to the Chalmers St racks.

Has been there for ages! Well at least 4 years since I started working on the railways. Uses to use everyday, can get busy on the weekend. Unfortunately trackwork signs and skip bins get stored in same area but room for 4-6 bikes comfortably. Now our operations centre is displaced to the same area there will be staff at all hours, safe and secure with correct locks!

Makes perfect sense to me Mark. Thanks for responding. I have never used my serendipitous purchased Brompton on public transport. That section of the carriage would be the only practical seated area for you with this bike. 

What a gem of a bike they are though, and fill in a lot of cycling holes. Needed to go to day surgery at RPA, so just took my folded unit in with me, no questions asked. How cool. How convenient. I do keep it clean. Mark

I'll report back on my first days of commuting with the Brompton in due course. I won't use it initially - I'll want to settle in at my new desk first and find out what facilities there are in place.


Ah, another S Type, of which there are few in comparison to the M. You keep your bike tidy. I'll be interested to know how you get on in time. I can't see in the dashing photo, so, do you have the travel wheels?  Mark

the photo is a little old now. On completion of the Brissie to Bay ride (50km) last year.

Here's some today photos.... It does have little wheels but no rack. It's now a S10L (started as a S6L back in 2008 in the UK!). I use it as much as my road bike. If I plan to do more than 50km then I use the road bike. If I plan to cycle to the station and lock it up there I use my crappy $75 steel rigid with a lock that's almost as valuable as the bike. I've already had one bike nicked from Canley Heights station so a bike that is crapier than any other there is the way to go (including not washing it and leaving the cobwebs on!). For in between jobs or off-road then its the old MTB (a 1993 Stumpjumper - old school fun). I don't have a car to my name so am allowed a little variety in my stable of bikes. 

You like your kit Mark. Your Brompton is set up as a 'riders' bike. Like you, I am happy to ride my black S6L just for the pleasure/enjoyment of it, taking my conventional bike mostly for longer distances. Trick levers I see, and a micro shifter thumbie; a universal clamp to stiffen the rear suspension block.

Not now, but when you post again I would like to understand what hub gear upgrade you have undertaken. Would like to run the Kojaks myself, enjoying their performance on another folder, but do not want to loose the utilitarian aspect of my bike, which I also use with my camper. I know the bike would enjoy improved performance running these tyres over the Marathons.

I love to see the S Type 'tricked' as  riders bikes. Mark

I got the wheels with SA 5 hub off Ebay. There's a wheel builder in Taiwan who trickle feeds these onto the market via Ebay. He's recently done black rimmed ones. If I'd know I would have waited for those instead. ie


The only complication in fitting was a bit of very minor filing down of the plastic wheel protector and it wasn't easy to find Presta valved 16" skinny inner tubes. I bought these in Europe in the end and had them posted out. Alternatively I would have had to had needed to drill out the hole to fit Schreider valves and that would have weakened the narrowed rims. The Kojaks fit fine if you use folding tyres. The steel wired versions are really tight!

It's true I don't often fold the bike and do use it as a road bike. Starting to use it as it was designed is going to be a novelty! I'm not going to put the original pedals back on - too used to the SPDs.


I could wax lyrical about these little machines. To the uninitiated, they might appear quirky, gimmickry. When I see another on the road I think how small. But riding them offers a different experience. Good road dynamics and capabilities, you sometimes forget that you are on this small comfortable machine. I am happy to expound their virtues. It takes me longer to adapt going to a larger bike than it does going down.

I run the S Type stock except for Specialized saddle, Ergon GP2 grips and MKS Quick Release pedals. Kool Stop Salmon Dura brake pads finish the deal. Rapid folding and deployment, as you know, is a synch.

I find myself examining the detail in your bike, including the saddle clamp.? I am wondering what gear inch range this configuration offers. Are you still able to 'clip' the folding handlebar when folded? 

Some of their recent success phenomena is due to the high incidence of bicycle theft in major cities around the world. This bike just tags along wherever you go .........

well today was my first proper use of the folder since I've ever owned it! I rode to Canley Vale station, folder up and found myself a seat at the end of the carriage and the bike sat between my legs! Off at Central. Bit of a walk to the road so once outside the barriers I unfolded and scootered down the tunnel where I could. Once out I was off down Quay St, Darling Drive and Union St and to work on Miller. Parked it under my desk. 

Total distance not far (9km total for the day) but saved time rather than walking. 


- where is best place to put rear light? if folding the seat tube isn't a great place. I might need to consider a Brompton Rear light but they aren't the best from a brightness perspective - maybe use my Eyups on the helmet in reverse? 

- carrying a Brompton makes you the centre of attention - un nerving for some! Lots of random questions. Nice to see the smiles when you un fold and a bike appears!

- no longer having the folding pedal installed means the "normal" pedal bangs your leg when you walk. I'll put up with that for now. Rather have SPDs. 

- the road surface on Darling Drive isn't fun. It's been scarrified ready for re-surfacing. Watch out if wet. 

See you out there and at the Brompton Championships. 

If its OK to do this at Railway Squarethen it OK to do this, and seems to be a popular parking spot. A few other bikes parked around the railings and posts in the area. 

Friendly cafe Hatch owner nearby said his staff park bikes there, so maybe have a coffee and ask him to keep an eye on your bike.

Yep, all good with that Mark. The travel wheels could help you pull the folded bike behind you using the stem as a handle, as designed. Saves carrying in lots of situations. Fixing al tail light needs thinking outside the box. You will come up with something innovative and workable. And yes, people are intrigued by this machine. I take mine into the bank, HCF and many other places where their cleverness offsets any imposition otherwise created by the presence of a bicycle.

See you there .........


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