Parra to Randwick Barracks? Via the city vs Cooks River Cycleway

Which is quicker and/or safer?

I am going there for a 9am meeting on Tuesday

I have no issues getting to Centennial Park via city but unsure where to go from there.

I know how to get to Bourke St Bakery on Gardners Rd via Cooks River but unsure how to get to Randwick Barracks from there?

Any local knowledge available?


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If you are coming down Cooks River Cycyeway then follow that to Coward St (where the cycleway leaves the canal) and follow Coward St east (don't turn north at Bourke Rd/ Mascot Station). It is a well used bike route and not too bad, stray away from parked cars though) , follow Coward to Maloney , you can cross Maloney into Geroge , Grafton (still heading east) and Florence (now turning north) , into a little park with bike path where Florence turns West, follow path , it goes under Gardeners and pops up on the northern side.
Or just turn left / north at Maloney and right / east again at Gardeners.
Either way continue along Gardeners, lots of lanes so the cars can afford one for you. You get to Kingsford, take the rightish lanes that turn rightish in to Bunnerong Rd but immediately move to left outer lane and turn left / east into Sturt St, this crosses Anzac, careful here , wide roads, slight uphill when starting. Continue along Sturt which takes you to Avoca directly oppersite the Barricks

thanks for the help, I will check it out on the map... looks like I might have to allow 2 hours.

Cooks would have to be more direct, quicker more pleasant than via city, I generally don't do this in peak times but I think it would still work well, let us know how it goes. We need some of Boris' Bicycle Super Highways, even Clover's stop at the council boundary 

Thanks... Route looks a bit hairy near the roundabout at Anzac .... Any advice?
As JAT says there are 2 separate but close intersections, Bunnerong Road one is much easier as long as you keep your lane. Sturt is tricky as Anzac is 3 lanes in each direction and the intersectionis at an angle. Option is Jacques (few metres after Sturt) to Botany where there are lights crossing Anzac, Join Sturt just after cross.

the transition from Gardeners to Bunnerong is all controlled by lights and is south of the actual Anzac Pde roundabout - take the lane and you'll be fine - I agree the crossing of Anzac Pde on Sturt is tricky, but it's boulevard, so you don't have to do it all in one go.

(disclaimer- my local knowledge is 15 yrs old)


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