If you cycle in or around Parramatta have your say about the bike plan. Three ways :
1. Complete the survey
2. Annotate the interactive map with ideas or trouble spots
3. Attend the workshop on Dec 7

See link above

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Thanks, as a serial PVC user I shall do this!

FWIW my experience of Parra is being treated on road much better than in some parts of Sinney.

On the other hand overtake-no-matter-what is a prevalent disease there.

I'd like 30km/h and more car exclusion.

Have completed the survey but cannot be there on Wednesday, so have emailed the place manager from Parra council instead. I have to say despite being on resident committees when we were under auburn council, parra is a lot better at talking to the community

The interactive map is easy to use. No one had put in a bridge over Duck River so I put in one, linking Silverwater and Rosehill, plus a few possible links along the M4 east of Olympic Park to maybe get a Parra to Sydney City route. Also a lot more bike lanes in Parra CBD itself, if it is going to be a bike friendly city. Interesting to see the clusters of problems (and some solutions) showing up on the map, I think it is going to be useful to the planners.
I even got a Like from Ptta Council for my Duck River bridge suggestion. Get to it, add your ideas and support other people's good ones?



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