The on again off again missing link right into Parramatta is finally going ahead. Only $16 m!

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$32m per km for a Sydney cycleway. No wonder there is no money given to anywhere else in the state for cycling infrastructure. It all goes into the Sydney black hole!

Hopefully some of the money was from other budgets, Parra Improvement Scheme or whatever. But same criticism I suppose. 

A lot of money and at the same time a lot cheaper than WestConnex 

and an engineering challenge I imagine, a flood proof cantilevered boardwalk.

Out of curiosity, what was the feasibility of building the path on top of the cliff?  I'm assuming this option was considered and determined not as feasible as the side of the cliff boardwalk  

I suspect it could have been done but it will be going under Macarthur St on the Eastern side and need to return to river level on the West, makes for undesirable gradients I would think.

There will be a path from Queens Av to Stewart St. Dont know if it will extend to Mcarthur St.

Coxsall Mcgregor the arcitects say the path by the water has “great spacial drama”,  and will improve safety for an expected half million users by reducing need to use the Mcarthur St crossing.

To back up Dabbas point, the money for the boardwalk was the only infrastructure funding in the State Cycling budget in 2018/9, and it didnt even get spent due to a flood I think. Parra Council always has a shovel ready project ready to go, hence their success.

Saw this looking west from the Macarthur st bridge this morning, could it actually be?

Yeah, we saw it on Sunday morning. 

It's going to bypass the steepest little hill on the path ;-)

That green Micro-Environment Looks lovely!

It gets extremely low under the Macarthur St bridge!

You can see in Jame's piccy where the workers are there is only a meter or so of freeboard.....

They might need retaining walls and one way drains in a few spots. But it should be lovely.

It's a very pleasant ride from Meadowbank to Parra and back - this will make it very much nicer I think.



There's also a lot of work taking place on the riverbank opposite the Parramatta ferry wharf, which will be closed (again) soon for a while during construction of a "boardwalk".

Not sure if this is the same as the bikepath extension or in addition.

If in addition, it would explain the machinery working at several levels on the slope.

Also, we may not entirely escape a hill at that end of the PVC.

Time will tell. Or perhaps Parramatta City Council has the plans on display, or on the web, for anyone interested enough in plans.


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