If you live in Parramatta Area you may (or may not) be aware of the proposed Parramatta Light Rail link
Apparently, they are considering including an Active Transport corridor beside the link - Westmead through to Carlingford. This would be excellent as Parramatta to Carlingford is a difficult ride and rail lines are usually nicely graded (and off road)
Please encourage them to do this by emailing them. I have included my email below to get you started.
I am a resident of the Parramatta council area, living in Winston Hills, and a potential user of the planned light rail system. I have searched your website (http://www.parramattalightrail.nsw.gov.au/) and can find no reference to Active transport, walking or cycling.
I would like to advocate for the addition of active transport options to accompany the rail development.
It seems to me that the land clearing and bridge building this project involves would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide much needed active transport infrastructure to compliment the light rail system. For example, most of the graphics accompanying the project feature pedestrians navigating wide avenues beside rail transport corridor - indeed, even the bridge appears to contain active transport option. Will this become a reality?
While it may seem unusual to be asking for walking/cycling options beside a rail link, as a parent (and local school teacher) I can easily imagine a situation where a family, with young children, could choose to cycle to a particular location (for example Carlingford shops) then, given the children are tired, decide to take the rail home (with their bikes).
Similarly, as a cycle commuter I have utilised multi mode transport during bad weather - cycling on one direction while the weather is clear, then utilising the rail link when it was raining on the way home.​
Active transport options, as well as the ability to take  bicycles onto the train, would greatly increase the utility of the system as well as provide our citizens with a much needed exercise option.
Therefore, I was hoping someone from Parramatta Light Rail could inform me of plans, if any,  to include an active transport corridor beside the proposed rail corridor. In particular :
It would seem to me that some kind of access corridor will be needed to facilitate track maintenance. Will such a corridor (if one exists) be given public access to be used for active transport (that is, walking and cycling)?​
Will the active transport corridor (if planned) travel the entire length of the project?
Will the corridor support both walking and cycling (cycling is my preferred option)?
Will the corridor include water crossing as suggested in the animated graphic on your site?
Does the development include bicycle lockup and/or storage at rail stations? 
Will bicycles be permitted on the carriages of the rail link.
I look forward to any help you can provide me with regards to my question

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