Some more plans for Parramatta Rd "neighbourhood" redevelopment, including a gong for Dot Lane and an unspecified link to Pyrmont Bridge Rd. Also mentions improvements to Crystal St and Catherine St. All well and good, but a separated bike lane or path along PTta Rd would be the ultimate goal.

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Agree. Trying to get from Rhodes into the city is a dangerous rat-run for a cyclist (especially after having travelled along the lovely Partramatta River Valley Cycleway). We need proper infrastructure and I was hoping something added to Parramatta Road upgrade was going to be the solution ...

.... seems not ...

In Europe, Parra Rd would get a bike lane on each side, perhaps in sections mixed in with busses. Currently in the bus-lane period Parra Rd is very good for cycling except for the occasional extreme motorcyclist which you can't hear due to their speed and other traffic but you can often spot with a mirror. Any Parramatta Rd "neighbourhood" redevelopment that does not have a bike lane on each side does not cut it for me. 

Yeah, that would be civilised. If you take Westconnex claims at face value traffic will be much reduced and a kerbside lane could be converted to bike paths on both sides, with provision for floating bus stops ( bus patrons cross cycle path to a bus stop on an island). Better than IW Councils idea of allowing kerb side parking. Can't see how that encourages walking and cycling. Anyway, parking can be provided off Parramatta Rd, as proposed for Sydney Rd in Melbourne.

They also mention a "regional" bike route on Patterson/Gipps/(Queen?) which I thought we have had for the last 10+years for Concord towards the city (although you have to be a brave cyclist to use some bits of it). Not that I am being inner / city centric but nothing for CoS area! Suppose something is better than nothing but I am not overwhelmed by these plans but that does not surprise me either.

Also, I am over BiDis, if that's all there is on offer I will stay on the road, except for the "lovely Parramatta River Valley Cycleway", suppose the new bit past Pike St gets opened tomorrow, that will be nice too

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the bit on Patterson/Gipps/Queen is just paint in the door zone I believe. That, to me, isn't actually infrastructure.

You are right about the plans being underwhelming.

Artists impressions published a few months ago showed a nice green bike lane, no car parking. Live in hope! And hope they go beyond the Bi-Di.

I'm guessing they think Patterson/Gipps/Queen will be less popular with drivers once WasteCon opens to Haberfield, also they'll want to choke the non-toll routes a bit.

So I am living in hope. Until they remedy Parra Rd and its companions I tend to go with bike-on-train or bike-on-ferry. I do see Meadowbank/Rhodes to the Inner West proper as a very dark thing for cycling presently.

Don't go 'Patterson/Gipps/Queen', go via Lyons Rd West, heaps safer. Queens Rd is a death trap!

Only crappy bit is turning right at Harris Rd roundabout and sometimes Arthur St

I suppose the whole idea would be to make QueensRd safer:)

Not so bad along Patterson/Gipps, except for the odd pole or island in the kerb side lane.Then you go across Concord Rd, first left (Princess?), right along the railway to Pomeroy or down to Concord West and the "drainage" tunnel under the railway etc to Bicentennial Park.

It's not going to happen soon I imagine, it will depend on major redevelopment along Parramatta Rd and a lot of those small properties along Queens being bought up. Then again, they could just ban parking on one side along there 24/7.

You got a better map than that? I usually go Queens and it sucks ... hard.

Google maps has an option to display bike lanes, check it out as it's good.
From parra river, blaxland rd to Rhodes station, cross concord rd, up hill on footpath to path behind lock mare, path to killoola, R then left to hosp, L nullawarra, L Norman, R Richard, L brays, R Frederick, becomes Ian pde, R Broughton, l la mascotte, cross to Edith, joins Lyons rd West, right Harris roundabout, l Henry, cross great nth on crossing, Barnstaple, r Arthur, r Timberlake and onto bike path

Isn't Dot lane a dead end?  I'm assuming I'm wrong but for the life of me I can't think how it connects


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