Some more plans for Parramatta Rd "neighbourhood" redevelopment, including a gong for Dot Lane and an unspecified link to Pyrmont Bridge Rd. Also mentions improvements to Crystal St and Catherine St. All well and good, but a separated bike lane or path along PTta Rd would be the ultimate goal.

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I even checked my recollection with streetview and yes its a dead end, unless something has been knocked down.

Dot Lane can easily be extended to Norton St, via a little lane that exists on the other side of a locked gate at end of Dot Lane now, and which Bike Leichhardt has been urging the Council to have opened for years, as part of Bike Route EW2 in the Bike Plan, which runs from Nelson St, Annandale, to Flood St in Leichhardt, via Albion St in the east and Jarrett/ Albert St in the west.

Council has tried to get this gate opened, and access to Norton St, but the owners of businesses and properties on the little lane off Norton have so far declined toallow access, apparently one owner has access rights for the lane. This may all change soon, as redevelopment occurs. The owners might combine to redevelop the properties or sell etc, and council can then put in a condition to connect the lanes.

On the other side of Norton St the route continues via Renwick Lane, which we fought for years to have made two way for bikes. This was done about a year ago, so there is a (legal) route now from Jarrett St to Norton. The only other problems on this route are the access through a gate at the back of the Bald Faced Stag from an unofficial car park on RMS owned land ( might be the site of the Leichhardt Metro Station), and a safe crossing of Johnston St. The pub owner has kept his gate open recently but something better is needed. Again, there may be possibilities if the RMS car park is redeveloped.

Long and complicated, and not sure if EW2 will ever get connected. Of course if bike lanes were included on Parramatta Rd we wouldn't need EW2, although still a handy way to access the back of businesses or the new residential towers/ blocks now being eagerly contemplated by developers.

So is that locked gate lane way actually private land?

Yes, the lane off Norton St is public I think, but parts of it behind the Norton St properties near the gate in question, which is old and rusty and would be easily removed, are private or have private access rights. Some complicated arrangements there. Dot Lane itself is a delivery lane for the Forum and the Library, but doesn't seem to be used so much now. The only hope seems to be precinct redevelopment occurring under the Parramatta Rd Project and everything goes into the melting pot.

Why is it that there is reluctance to put cycle facilities on Parra Rd post WestConnex? Improvements to cycling facilities along Victoria Rd due to WestConnex are pretty much not happening either.

Epping Rd cycleway due to Lane Cove Tunnel seems to have worked really well??


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