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I would have preferred bike lanes on West St rather than a shared path on the west side. There is room, despite what the report says, as road is 13.4 m wide. RMS wants to keep 3.5 m traffic lanes! But the bridge over the railway is a problem, no width for bike lanes and its steep too, if battling for a place. Long term bridge replacement or cycle bridge the only answer. Only a 1.8 m footpath on the bridge, not really suitable for a shared path as proposed but maybe cyclists will use the road northbound if traffic is light. Could give northbound cyclists a few secs head start there coming out of West St crossing Railway Tce?

So maybe that is the best we can hope for, and a four sided bike light crossing at Parramatta Rd is something. Flood St, the continuing road north of Parramatta Rd, needs wider shoulder lanes, substandard now.

Thx Bob, and yes.

In my mind a proper crossing at Petersham station is the miss... those crazy steep stairs and no lift surely have to be solved. In which case the route could be there not that problem road bridge you mention.

Other problems: Shared path on West St goes past a couple of driveways to a car park, can see potential problems there for faster downhill cyclists. Another case where more experienced cyclists will just take the road.

Obviously the eastern side footpath next to the park would be better for a shared path, or the road partially reconstructed to make a bike path but then it doesn't connect to the bridge very well.

A short section of protected bike lane on east side of West St from Parramatta Rd to the next cross street would be useful, so cyclists could get to the park and the existing bike route around the back of the park.

A strange logic at work by RMS and the Counvil on West St, a shared path is already there so although it is supposed to be a Regional Route we won't allow an upgrade to a bike path, even though apparently the consultant was pushing for it. On street parking is sacrosanct once again.

Parking sacrosanct :-(

IDK how Australia will ever grow up.

I am wondering if we should ask planners to include a list of applicable standards & guidelines, and include a compliance matrix as well.


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