Parramatta to Cronulla - the missing link from Olympic Park to Cooks River bike path.

Hi everybody, I'm looking for advice on people's preferred route options to hook up these two paths.

With this missing link, people could ride continuously off road
-from Parramatta along the river and over the cycle bridge to Rhodes,
-along Olympic Park via Powells Creek:

(then via the missing link ->>)
-onto the Cooks River Bike path, to the Brighton bike path and onto Cronulla.

The missing part is only 1.5km long.

There are a couple of options:

-do the minimum 1.5km
-along the creek that touches the side of Sydney Markets
-some other way that hooks up some of the big trip generators in the area eg roll past Flemington Station, or have a separate leg that links into Homebush train station (thus serving Olympic Park by train/bike)

What do you think??

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Looking on Google maps, earth view, Pomeroy Street feeds almost straight into a pedestrian bridge over the M4, then use Hillcrest Rd. At Parramatta Road, there are lights already, then feed onto Bridge Road which has a bridge over the railway tracks. Finally a tiny link path along The Crescent and you're at Airey Park.

This path would be almost too cheap and easy!! No hard decisions need to be made, just needs a bit of funding to put in dividers and paint the road.,+Homebush+NSW+2140/Ai...!3m1!1e3!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b12bb2d13c06247:0x7dd1fb13ba77f2b5!2m2!1d151.082932!2d-33.8591284!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b12bb38ff9a9b13:0xf017d68f9f30950!2m2!1d151.0738384!2d-33.8674502!3e2

Ooops, here's that link again:

I`ve ridden to Cronulla from Parramatta via this way in the past.

It`s been like that and no improvement of between this route that you`ve shown it for years. Only improvement is that it had removed the inverted barriers at the pedestrian bridge at M4 crossing which had been a problem for recumbent bikes and a SydCyc member`s rotovelo.

There`s no wheel ramp at Bates Street but when coming from/to M4 use The Crescent as it got wheel ramp but the footpath is narrow and is not a proper cycle path and it had never been upgraded yet.

But I haven`t been thru this way from Oct`16.

That is the "official" route as shown on the RMS cycleway finder, (last updated almost a year ago which itself is indicative of the priority of cyclists). I have not been that way for some years so don't know current conditions, it used to be sign posted but as always had a few difficult bits / transitions. The foot bridge over the sewer opps motorway had some lovely chicanes at either end which made anything other than a small bike very difficult to get through, my longer touring bike had problems. Don't know what the WasteConex works have done to that area. Some of the streets can get busy and the "ped" (cyclists dismount) crossing over Parramatta Rd took you onto the wrong side of Hillcrest, not a big problem but a difficulty if kiddies in tow. All in all a pretty typical bit of Sydney bicycle infrastructure.

Your tourer had trouble getting on/off the bridge?? That does sound crap. At least the intention is kind of there to put a route through. I'll need to do a trip to see what it's like now. 

 The foot bridge over the sewer opps motorway had some lovely chicanes at either end which made anything other than a small bike very difficult to get through, my longer touring bike had problems."

Is this the bridge that you mean it? From Pomeroy St, 2 barriers.

From Park Rd on way to Hillcrest St, 2 barriers.

After removal of 2 barriers at Park St.

Only 1 barrier removed at Pomeroy St.

Don`t know if they re-install the barriers there as I haven`t been thru there yet.

I think the M4 widening includes diverting any eastbound cyclists using the shoulder to an underpass of Homebush Drive (the Olympic bus route underpass) at back of Rod Laver Drive, and a path from there to Pomeroy St, where I imagine/hope you would be able to cross on the foot bridge, sans chicanes, to Hillview St as now.

Also I imagine you can ride through Olympic Park via Edwin Flack to Rod Laver Drive to the underpass, then you could avoid the bit through Bicentennial Park and Powells Ck.

Westbound cyclists on the M4 are getting an underpass of Homebush Drive too, to avoid crossing the off ramp. That seems to be about the extent of M4 East provision for cyclists.
To make it clearer, this is the final product, not the "temporary diversion" route.

I was in SOP today and noticed that there are bicycle M4 detour signs, so possibly there's a route published somewhere

There is an odd bit on Pomeroy St. If you are heading west you are directed down Pomeroy as far as Underwood Rd, then somehow are supposed to do a U turn and come back to the path along Powells Ck. I guess they thought the right turn directly onto the path just after the bridge was unsafe, but that's what everyone does if going that way to Bicentennial Park.

I cycle most weeks along the Cooks River to Parramatta. The preferred route is to follow the 'river' all the way to Centenary Drive and into Rookwood Cemetery, then through to Lidcombe and across the railway and  the cycle path towards Auburn. Through the backroads of Auburn and the following the M4 parallel 'cycleway' into Parramatta. This avoids Olympic Park, and is a nice alternative.

Sounds like a good alternative. Have ye a map of the cycle path Sir Mark?


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