Part time position available at Commute in Cremorne

Hi, hope I'm posting in the right place!


I have an opening for a part time sales / customer service / mechanic / marketing / and anything else I can think of person to work at my bike store in Cremorne. Full job posting on Gumtree below...


I specialise in electric bikes, and import a range of folding bikes called Strida. I also want to increase the amount of service work we do so experience here is important.


If you are interested or know somebody who might be, please let me know!







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Thanks Kylie! 


I hope to open a shop in Canberra one day, so keep an eye out.


Cheers, Jamie

ive got experience in part time sales / customer service / mechanic / marketing / doing skids /


am i hired?

Lucky you weren't it seems.



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