It's become the talk of the energy industry that the US love affair with energy may be given a boost with the additional production of gas and oils from increasingly successful (if environmentally controversial) "fracking" to get at shale layers to release their reserves. 

Australia is dipping into this technology as well despite well publicised "lock the gate" campaigns by farmers and those worried about water supply contamination.

A number of analysts say the USA's fortunes will fundamentally shift the energy balance in the world and potentially extend the life of fossil fuels for some time beyond the current peak oil scenarios.  America for one may close in on "energy independence" while Saudi Arabia is tipped to be importing fossil fuels by 2030.  And analysts are only now beginning to consider what will be accessed under an "ice free" Arctic.

Given that Peak Oil and the rising price of oil has been the one inescapable factor to motivate change in energy and transport policies, is a surge in fossil fuel supplies and more stable prices actually going to be unwelcome news for cycling and cyclists, more sustainable transport and those (apparently few) concerned about the impact of climate change? 

SMH article

Economist article

NYT article

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And pay $30/day in tolls :-)

Thanks nmsm. I can see "...mk2" but the original seems to be gone and Paul with it. Maybe he fled back to NL, one could hardly blame him (or anyone for that matter) considering what we have to put up with here.

Oh dear, not another one of those.

Of course, having built the Gazelle brand up Derby gave him the flick. That's hard.

"There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance."

Yes it has always struck me as odd that the vast majority see no problem in transporting their ugly fat bodies from A to B in behemoths which waste a huge amount of energy, burn non renewable resources, pollute the air we all breath and do this whilst displaying a distinct lack of artistry or competence which results in wanton destruction. I take solice in the fact that I transport my ugly fat body from A to B on a small contraption which uses a small amount of energy and that it neither pollutes or causes wanton destruction irrespective of my incompetence.

I read somewhere that the energy required to ride a bicycle from Sydney to Brisbane was about the same as that in 1 litre of petrol

We can knock those who have no understanding of transportation options but the blame also goes to successive governments who have dragged the feet on making other transportation options viable

Even the smokers are worried about pollution in Beijing

smoking in Beijing

Perhaps the real worry is that the pollution concentration on urban streets may be making millions demented before their time!  Come to think of it, don't many of our politicians have their offices on busy urban streets?

Haha, yes.

I am pleased to see $1.59 up as the ask for a litre of RON 95 at my nearest servo. That's their cheapest unleaded.

Or else you pay 20c less for 900ml of RON 89 with 100ml of high-proof adulterated rum thrown in.

Unsurprisingly there's less motor traffic today.

But some people don't give a shit.

Yesterday, as I left the 99 Bikes store near me, the man at the next-door servo filling his vintage Studebaker (or something wanky like that) with "Shell V-power" appeared not to be blinking at $1.67 per litre for that premium tipple.

I tried not to look smug.


Folk up here might just avoid using the car for non-essential (uh) trips until a tankful is cheaper.

It's true that some don't care. Or have contract prices for fuel cards possible.

Smug here too, bike to bush lookout for breakfast. Cost nothing.

sadly though, being holiday period in Sydney means there is minimal traffic. In fact, instead of riding a bike to work for 1h35 or catching a bus/train which costs me nearly $5 and also 1h35 like I usually do, I drove to work.

It took 35 minutes, cost me $2.24 in fuel for 32km (using that expensive $1.67 stuff). I get to invoice at least an extra 1.5hrs of work for the day and get to sit in a private space, rent free, on a public road. I can claim my business kilometres, I even get a parking spot for free at work.

I'm not fatigued from a 77km round trip on bike and not stressed by large vehicle around me. I'm also not frozen in a bus where the driver has set the aircon too low.

Until the traffic gets back into normal mode, it will take quite a shove for me to choose other forms of transport over using the car.


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