ouch, what a painful interview

good on you Omar for dealing with it calmly

poor hang up and focus by the Karl that's it is a sport sport sport sport (I think he used that term 4 times.

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Omar did a great job in dealing with Karl, who was champing at the bit to have a go.

We need some 3 word slogans to banter around.

The PM won't support cycling because it would be seen as him supporting his own kind.

Thanks Omar you do a great job with very little to work with. "it's a great sport eh" Human cloning now so we can have at least 4 more Omars!

3 words slogans...

"not sport, Transport" (think I might have plagiarised that from somewhere)

I might have plagiarised that from somewhere

From me, I reckon.

For decades I have been saying that "Cycling transcends sport, it is transport!"

(I have. I really, really have.)

Nice job from Omar.

But Karl straight into the 'spandex' stereotype. Just as well he's not a journalist

Check this out.

Omar was on the radio, click on the link to listen to the audio

Bogan TV . . . do people watch this stuff? And BTW - "spandex" where the F*&k did that come from?

"spandex"...its the 80's....where Karl belongs

DuPont, in the late 1950s. The name is actually an anagram of "expands" (YLNSED!).

Lycra® is DuPont's brand of spandex, spandex being the name for the polyurethane-polyurea fibre that the fabric is made from. Other manufacturers have other brand names for fabrics made from spandex fibre.

Interestingly, for all the talk of cyclists not wearing Lycra and wearing so-called "normal" clothes (or non-activlty-specific clothing), an estimated 80% of all "normal" clothing sold contains... spandex. So in other words, it's probable that when you are jumping on your cargo bike to toddle off down to the shops to purchase some organic quinoa, you are indeed wearing the same fibres as the bloke on his CF rocket whom you overtake up the small hill.


Big increase in number of motorists in Australia in recent years. There is no doubt it is one of the fastest growing sports in this country.

Thanks everyone for the supportive feedback!  The Channel 7 interview was perhaps better.  Two drive time radio shows from the Melb folks and then on 2GB yesterday again prove how poorly informed and riled people will remain with these sort of negative personalities and the stereotypes and "why don't you pay rego" mindless questions they spew.

The tragic news we just covered and I mentioned in the Today piece is that cyclists deaths are still climbing.  We had hoped the big step at the end of 2013 was an anomaly but looks to have been just the beginning.  We now stand at 58 on a rolling 12 month basis - up 50% from the previous 4 years average.  It would be good to gain a better understanding about this.

The other big story about the waste in roads from nobody else but Infrastructure Australia was surprisingly candid.  While the government insisted they could not possibly afford the Greenway at about $30-50M they don't have any problem knowingly wasting billions.  I still shake my head at that lost opportunity... perhaps we will have a chance to reverse this!

I also want to apologise for us being absent here on SC but our time is being pressed and we now have a very active FB site and get onto Tweets for our key broadcasts as a way to keep members happy.  If you are not an FB fan, you can still read our stories on a feed accessed through our website: 

Of course a number of you are already members and would also be receiving updates and a few of you are even active contributors to our FB news feed.  We couldn't do it without you!  If you want to contribute other media relations or other skills to our effort please get in touch.

I can tell you that with our submission of our application to the Victorian Electoral Commission we are hopeful of getting on the ballot in November.  However, Vic has been much more challenging as far as numbers go than NSW - perhaps reflecting our sadder state of affairs or that being NSW based we look like a Viking invasion from the North.  So certainty about making it past the VEC's member letter checks is not yet certain.

In the next few months we will be looking at candidates both here and in Vic.  We need a strong slate that can help us secure seats or at least create conditions where that is possible.  We did not plan originally to run lower house seats, but given there may be a few marginal ones... who knows?  We just want to change the sorry state of affairs we are in.

If any of you want to contact us or me, please do so through a PM here or on

Sorry about the length of this but wanted to catch everyone up and thank you again!


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