Pedestrian dies after being hit by bike in St.Kilda 18-4-17

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An elderly pedestrian has died after being hit by a bike in St Kilda.

The 85-year-old man was using a pedestrian crossing on Jacka Boulevard, which runs along the beachfront, when he was struck by the cyclist travelling in the bike lane about 5.30pm on Tuesday, police believe.

The crossing is at a set of traffic lights opposite the Peters Boulevard Ice Creamery Kiosk, between Luna Park and Fitzroy Street. 

The St Kilda man was taken to hospital where he died later that night.

The cyclist, a 30-year-old Port Melbourne man, was also taken to hospital, but with non-life threatening injuries.

Police are investigating the cause of the collision.

Another elderly pedestrian was struck and killed by a bike further up the popular bicycle route in Mentone in 2006.

James Gould, 77, was hit by a "Hell Ride" cyclist who failed to stop at a red light on Beach Road.

The informal "Hell Ride", which occurs every Saturday, sometimes involves up to 100 riders at fast speeds along Beach Road from Black Rock to Mount Eliza.

The notorious cyclists were also involved in a horrific crash that left one person with a fractured skull and two ...

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or

Might be the 2nd pedestrian deaths by bike......

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Might be the 2nd pedestrian deaths by bike......

I wouldn't be surprised to find we've had a death like that every decade going back to the 1930s. 

The intersection is reasonably designed, the cyclelane itself is sufficiently wide and the general traffic stop lines are pushed back from the footcrossing itself so its possible for a pedestrian/cyclist to see each other past stopped traffic in the general traffic lanes, though there is a slight curve that wouldn't help.  There are 2 traffic lights that should be plainly visible to a cyclist in either direction.  ie it appears the road authority was concerned about the possibility of such a collision in the design.

Here a link to a report done in 2011 regarding pedestrian bicycle collisions. It must be nice to think you are 700 times safer than being hit by a car! Here's a summary.....

".........................the risk of a pedestrian being struck down by a bicyclist and killed is currently less than the risk of being struck by lightning (0.1 chances of fatality per million person years), 23 times less likely than tripping on a footpath or roadway (1.15 chances of fatality per million person years), 200 times less likely being involved in an airline crash (10 chances of fatality per million person years), and 700 times less likely than being struck and killed by a motor vehicle"

"Thus the costs of any initiative introduced needs to account for the very low risk of the collision event occurring, and weighed against the substantial health benefit gains resulting from increased bicycling activity."

Now to send it to the Manly Daily to respond to the people who constantly complain about cyclists....................................

The son of an 85-year-old man, who was killed on a St Kilda pedestrian crossing this week when hit by a cyclist, is calling for compulsory registration of bicycles and licensing for cyclists.

Alastair Mackenzie said yesterday:  "How many innocent people need to die before these laws catch up?"

We don't know who had a green lantern. One, neither or both.

We know now: the cyclist did have the green, the victim did not.

Registration for pedestrians?

It will be quietly ignored now, or it will still be the fault of the cyclist for they were not riding in a manner that would allow them to stop in time in the case of a dickhead stepping out into their path.

Also does anyone know if the old man suffered head injuries? Perhaps the son should push for MHL for pedestrians (or at least the elderly)

In the same article that Alastair Mackenzie was quoted in, it describes other accidents reported along Port Phillip Bay.


Cycle trails along the beaches of Port Phillip are very popular with riders, but come with a dangerous reputation.

In 2015, a young woman was left with a fractured skull and two others were hospitalised after a crash at Beach Road, Mentone, during the notorious "hell ride".  

In 2006, 77-year-old James Gould was struck and killed by a cyclist on Beach Road in Mentone.


To keep things in perspective, 257 people died last year on Victorian roads and 45 cyclists killed nationally.

The following excerpt from Mike O'Reilly has similar statistics.


The interaction between cyclists and pedestrians can be a fraught and emotional topic – perhaps out of proportion to the actual problem. In 2006, a pedestrian in Melbourne was killed by a cyclist in a tragic, controversial incident. To the best of my knowledge, there hasn’t been a similar death in Australia in the six years since. But in 2010 alone, some 227 pedestrians were killed nationally, mostly by motor vehicles.


Dumb ways to die.

In 2015, the following activities were more dangerous than being hit by a bicycle.


Falling out of a bed -4 people

Marine animals- 3 people

Falling off a ladder- 7 people

Struck by a mammal- 4 people

Chocking- 28 people, and many others, if you bother to click onto our favorite anti-news site.


Let's keep things in perspective people.

>Let's keep things in perspective people.

The problem is that the media seems hell bent on inciting the wider bogan population into a frenzy of anti-bicycle hatred and that segment of the population definitely can't keep things in perspective.

The reason I posted the quote is that it is such a ludicrous non-sequitur. I feel for the guy but as you point out 257 people were killed last year by (I assume) licensed and registered drivers in Victoria. The media providing a soap box to assinine knee jerk reactions coupled with inflammatory headlines just makes it worse. Pretty despicable actually.

It is, especially as we don't yet know what happened. Regardless, we can be sure the media will continue to emit waste material.

Even rewinding to Mr James Gould's death, the coroner had a lot to say about the hell ride yet didn't really analyse the victim's heart attack all that deeply. Sure, there's little doubt about the collision or the red light however it wasn't a died-of-injuries event as it turned out. Which is presumably why one cyclist received a ticket for the red light offence and no more than that.

The rego argument is now going along the lines of no TAC coverage for the victim because the bike wasn't registered.

I can see some sense in that logic - but suggest it should be covered by current (vehicle) rego - like 'unidentified vehicle' is currently,.

I wouldn't sweat it. The other Duncan's antics have nailed rego dead in NSW. So for us the argument is a sideshow.

As for TAC coverage: I don't see the need. It's of no use to the deceased. These events are so rare you may as well require insurance for asteroids.


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