Pedestrian dies after being hit by bike in St.Kilda 18-4-17

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An elderly pedestrian has died after being hit by a bike in St Kilda.

The 85-year-old man was using a pedestrian crossing on Jacka Boulevard, which runs along the beachfront, when he was struck by the cyclist travelling in the bike lane about 5.30pm on Tuesday, police believe.

The crossing is at a set of traffic lights opposite the Peters Boulevard Ice Creamery Kiosk, between Luna Park and Fitzroy Street. 

The St Kilda man was taken to hospital where he died later that night.

The cyclist, a 30-year-old Port Melbourne man, was also taken to hospital, but with non-life threatening injuries.

Police are investigating the cause of the collision.

Another elderly pedestrian was struck and killed by a bike further up the popular bicycle route in Mentone in 2006.

James Gould, 77, was hit by a "Hell Ride" cyclist who failed to stop at a red light on Beach Road.

The informal "Hell Ride", which occurs every Saturday, sometimes involves up to 100 riders at fast speeds along Beach Road from Black Rock to Mount Eliza.

The notorious cyclists were also involved in a horrific crash that left one person with a fractured skull and two ...

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or

Might be the 2nd pedestrian deaths by bike......

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unfortunately for us, the sideshow fuels the aggression in the motorists that are in the cars, utes, and trucks screaming past us (figuratively and literally) with only cm to spare - our life is worth nothing to them because we don't pay rego (note that it would still be worth nothing to them even if we did)

Which is why I am in Europe now.

agreed - very rare. So why not just insure these victims via general coverage under the TAC/third-party system and be done with it.  $$ impact is essentially zero.

I'm not advocating for rego -- the whole idea is daft.

Interesting that the pedestrian was "hit by the cyclist". If it were a motorist instead of a cyclist, I'm sure the only mention of the motorist would be that they didn't sustain any injury, and that the pedestrian was hit by the car.

At least cyclists take responsibility for the actions of their vehicle.

Anyway, be safe and look out for others - as they're not looking out for us.

As an aside, in the event of a collision there's a formal difference between a vehicle-person contact and a person-person contact with regard to stopping and exchanging contact information (pun unintended).

interesting showcasing all the fines to bike riders at the end of the article , innocent and proven guilty indeed 

and BN post on this

Peter, your first link is blocked by the paywall.

Incognito mode seems to work

Anyway : 

A CYCLIST involved in a deadly collision in Melbourne’s southeast, which claimed the life of an elderly man, has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Investigators have spoken to witnesses and reviewed camera footage in a bid to determine who was at fault when the bicycle struck Norman Mackenzie, 85, as he walked his dog in St Kilda.

The cyclist, from Port Melbourne, avoided serious injury but was left emotionally devastated by the April 18 crash.

Mr McKenzie was walking across the crossing on Jacka Blvd, near Luna Park, when he collided with the cyclist who was travelling in a bike lane.

Police have concluded the 30-year-old man on the bike did not run a red light and was not to blame for the crash. They will not pursue charges against the man.

Since the death, Mr McKenzie’s family has called for bikes to be registered, amid concerns victims of cycling accidents were not given the same assistance from the Transport Accident Commission.

Mr McKenzie’s son Alistair said he wanted to highlight that the TAC did not assist with medical or funeral costs for those hit by cyclists because bikes weren’t a registered vehicle.

Data showed there were 112 pedestrians admitted to Victorian hospitals after a crash with a bike during the past three years.

The figures, from Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, showed the number of injured pedestrians hospitalised had declined slightly over recent years.

In 2014, there was 44 and the following year there were 30.

Last year 38 were admitted.

It comes as fewer cyclists were being busted breaking the road rules than three years ago.

Police figures showed the number of cyclists caught running red lights dropped by almost 400 between 2014 and last year.

More than 2000 fewer were caught without a helmet, and the number of riders nabbed for misusing bike paths and footpaths decreased by more than a third.

Police and bicycle lobby groups believe the downward trends showed there was a greater level of safety compliance by cyclists and better relationships between bike riders and other road users.

Senior Policy for the Bicylcle Network, Garry Brennan, said cyclists had also learned to expect unpredictable movements by pedestrians — particularly those busy texting or browsing the web.

Victoria Police Sgt Anthoula Moutis said police had been targeting vulnerable road users including cyclists during Operation Halo over the last two months.

There were 43 bike riders caught breaching road rules during the four day blitz.

“Safe cycling is not just about cyclists, all road users need to keep bike safety in their minds,” Sgt Moutis said.



Running a red light

-2014: 896

-2015: 668

-2016: 506

Not wearing a helmet

-2014: 5381

-2015: 4293

-2016: 3277

Failing to obey a stop sign or signals including stop on red arrow sign

-2014: 18

-2015: 41

-2016: 22

Misusing a bike path, footpath or shared path:

-2014: 552

-2015: 533

-2016: 348

from :

Interestingly, every other day a driver kills a pedestrian in Australia, and we don't get to see the useful stats of their crimes. Maybe there probably isn't enough bandwidth to display it and besides, that's part of their entitlement since they pay rego

reference :

rego = blood money?

Yep, blood money. Rego has been bleeding me for years. The haemorrhaging was especially heavy this year. 

It seems from the article some people think so


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