Original SMH Article 2016

Link above to original SMH online reporting the news of 3 pedestrians struck by a motorist who failed to stop at a red light in Strathfield, NSW.

I recall read recently the judge/magistrate in the case was looking at a Corrections Order or something that did not involve prison time and a driving disqualification.

Does this seem to be a bit of a slap on the wrist or am I looking at this through jaded bike riders eyes? Anyone got a solid argument that the proposed punishment fits the crime?

I'm not for huge prison populations but motorists who kill anyone with a vehicle should have some kind of minimum mandatory sentence, say 12 months except in the most extenuating circumstances - and I can't think of any off hand.


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Latest ABC online article

I should of linked the latest article on this case, read it again I still can't see how he avoided doing time.

Please enlighten me!


.. difficult -- I see it as being no different to those guilty of manslaughter, who are sometimes given suspended sentences.

It IS called 'serious negligence manslaughter' in the UK

and we have "criminal negligence" manslaughter (vs. manslaughter by unlawful and dangerous act)


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