Penalties for Bike Theft are Not a Deterrent, They Are A Joke

Reported by Crimestoppers NSW on 18 June 2019:

STOLEN BICYCLES: 16 bikes recovered

Information was received at Crime Stoppers referring to a male person who was storing at least 10 x bicycles in a shed in Balmain. Bikes were believed to be stolen. Police attended the location where the male person was arrested for the offence of, ‘Goods in Custody’. There were 16 bikes seized at the property in total. The total property value is not known however may be in excess of $5000. The conviction was proved and the male was sentenced to a BOND Sec 9 for 12 months and a $500 fine.

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Pretty much a tap on the wrist. Hope people get their bikes back.

Not a lot different to parking on a disabled spot 

Pretty good business model.

Steal - dont get caught ; profit

Steal - caught, conviction not proved ; profit

Steal - caught, fined  < value of items stolen; less profit

So pretty much if you see that was 10 whole bikes to get to stage 3 ; and assuming each phase is 33% that's an easy 3% chance of getting less profit

The goods may well have cost people $10,000. He's a bike thief, he'd now which ones were more expensive. So a $500 fine is laughable.

The only good thing he is now a known receiver of stolen goods so might be the first point of call by police if any other bikes stolen.


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