Penalty notice - stating went through a red light fine

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone can help me with some advice on a penalty notice I was given going through a red light on my bike please?

The fine is for $457!

I have disputed the offence as the light was amber when I went through and I was going downhill, Im am experienced bike rider of 30yrs and it would've been very dangerous if I had suddenly braked- no previous convictions either.

I have asked for dash-cam or camera evidence from Mosman police station - I also asked why I had been fined the maximum penalty:

'The Issuing officer assessed the situation and determined this penalty should apply. As legislation
sets the penalty amount, we are not permitted to waive or reduce them'.
Has anyone else had a bike fine recently?
If anyone has any advise on how I can take this further please let me know, I would appreciate it.
I spoke to some people and most car fines arent as costly as this fine for being caught on camera going through a red light.

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This is an outrageous level of fine for a bicycle offence. We have the previous failed, bike-hating Roads Minister, Dunce Gay to "thank" for this and other anti-bicycle measures.

If you have a drivers licence and a clean slate, you may be able to get off by writing to the Infringement Processing Bureau (I think it's called) and pointing out your good record and the circumstances of the offence.

It may also be worth writing to your local State MP to point out how ridiculously over-the-top this level of fine is and ask if he will support winding it, and others raised by Dunce, back to somewhere closer to their former level.

Good luck.

Thank Neil, I appreciate you advice


You can write to the State Debt Recovery Office and request a review and point out extenuating circs such as having to brake hard, plus your exemplary driving record if you have one. I did this some years ago on a left turn on red camera fine when driving a car, saying there was no one coming and I was very cautious and I had a good record otherwise. I got let off. 

I think asking for evidence and disputing is exactly correct. Perhaps another Point you might use is there's usually no repeater at eye Level for cyclists, meaning that after you have passed a certain Point on Approach you don't see the Signal Change. Drivers are reclined/recumbent while most Cycling is done leaning Forward with a foam hat which generally has a Peak.

It is a wider Problem in Oz than the penalty, few repeaters and often lanterns that have no yellow Phase at all.

I wonder how I would go… my Licence is Swiss.

Would it be like a clockwork orange?

Only if you ride in a top hat.

The fines imposed on cyclists for some breaches of road rules do not in any way reflect the danger imposed to others and were added as a political statement along with the introduction of the 1/1.5m rule.

As much as it is a lot of money for a technicality I question how much effort is worth spending on it to try to get it cancelled.  If it came up to a judge the judge would compare the law with the action and that would confirm that the law was broken, so you would be dam lucky to get off.

One thing to check carefully is that they have used the correct code, as sometimes they make a mistake and use the code for driving thru a stop sign, which will incur points on your license which means the cost of green slips and insurance will go up for 3 years.

With motoring if you have not had a driving offence for 10 years you can request the ticket to be cancelled, however it can only be done once in your lifetime.  I don't know if this approach works for cycling

In the OP she says the light was amber.

If the matter ends up being decided by in court, there is an excellent Chance plod won't Show up. And, the Penalty is decided by a human not the fixed schedule which Magistrates know is a Farce.

Thank you all for your helpful advice. I really appreciate it.

have you had any penalties on your car licence in the last 5-10 years? If not you can ask for it to be changed to a warning. It doesn't address how stupid and vindictive Duncan gays changes are, but at least it wont cost you  $500. Worst case they say no, and you then pay so it doesn't hurt to try

When these fines went up I asked for a meeting with john sidoti as the nearest MP to me in the then current government. He invited someone from Duncan gays office who argued that a cyclist running a light could cause a truck to veer and crash and kill people, hence bikes are as dangerous as trucks. Physics is not their strong point, though you could say they think chaos theory applies to bikes.


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