This is a bit mysterious.  It's been in the local paper, Hornsby Council is associated with it, as is the local MP, Damien Tudehope.  Apparently a state grant of $5.1M has been allocated to it, on condition that it be completed by 2020, but the route hasn't been agreed to and so the design hasn't even been started.

It sounds like nothing more than a "thought bubble" to me.

Maybe someone on this site knows something.

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They tell us that once NorthConnex opens Pennant Hills road will be largely empty all day so they could just convert it into a tree lined bicycle boulevard from Hornsby to Epping and through to Parramatta although I must admit to some small amount of disbelief 

^^^^^ Only if Pennant Hills Rd was tolled and Northconnex was free......:-)

lol..did they say that on 1 April before midday.

They should also add community vegatable gardens along the length, that'll get it

hardly 'empty' - but it should remove the majority of the M1-M2 through traffic, especially the trucks.

there's a bit on the bike north website, and I've seen some chatter in the local paper.

The issue (and I'm glad they're focussing on this), is that there is almost no available route between PH and Beecroft that doesn't involve a ridiculous grade somewhere, other than PH road and Beecroft Rd (which I currently use).

They're looking at trying to use the route which goes along the East side of the railway: there's currently a footpath with steps much of the way to Azalea Grove, but then I'm guessing crown land between the back of the houses and the railway reserve with the odd bush track in it.

They want to re-purpose some or all of the railway service rd (in the rail reserve) which goes all the way from PH road to Chapman avenue and has railway-like grades.  This of course involves getting State Rail on board, which I gather is pretty hard.

Being tangentially involved in a completely unrelated project involving council and two unrelated government bodies, I'm constantly amazed just how slow communications can occur across the tentacles of government.

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