Blue Mountains City Council has called tenders for a "Feasibility Study and Detail Design for an off road share path between Penrith and Lower Blue Mountains".  Tender documents at -

Ref; SMHerald, 13.2.18.

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Emu Plains to Glenbrook. It's a decent climb up the highway, not sure how you could find a path with a better gradient off-road, but presumably a mini Stelvio up Knapsack Gully could be built, or would there be a route through Leonay and curling around to the south and west past Lapstone Station up into the back of Glenbrook? 

Having tried it, there  is room for a path behind the concrete barriers on the highway, from the path from the old line of road, up to the underpass to Lapstone, but a very narrow footpath in the underpass itself. Then it is a bit hilly on local roads to Glenbrook.

Perhaps they could open up the old railway tunnel. That would be amazing. Tunnels of a similar (slightly later) vintage on other parts of the NSW rail network have been converted for shared path use. Perhaps link it up somehow with Knapsack viaduct. 

Having said that, the tunnel is over 600 metres long. Perhaps a bit on the long side for a shared path? Are there any examples of tunnels this long being converted cycling and pedestrian use? 

Fernleigh Trail?. One or two in Uk I've heard about, one 2km Ithink, and The Lilyfield Rd bypass tunnel, about 800 m from Hawthorne Canal to Balmain Rd, when it gets approved:)

I look forward to the Lilyfield Road bypass! :-)

Yep, Fernleigh Track, and there are 3 tunnels on the proposed 30km long Richmond Vale Rail Trail between Kurri Kurri and Minmi/Hexham. There's also the Cheviot Tunnel along the Goulburn Valley RT between Mansfield and Tallarook in Victoria.

Combe Downs near Bath in UK, 1.7 km.

Longer one possible in Yorkshire.

And didja know, Chris Froome rode the Chanel Tunnel in 2014, plus some others have done it.

The Spoleto-Norcia ex railway in Italy has been converted to a popular rail trail.  There's a 2km tunnel (totally dark for most of its length). Also some spiral tunnels, viaducts.  Definitely worth a ride if you are in that part of the world.

Mitchell's Pass, either a very wide and protected uphill contra flow for bicycles (and our friends the peds) or just ban motor vehicles on it entirely, they have several close alternatives already, Everything else is a long 10th best in comparison and a lot more expensive, if via banning motor vehicles then the cost is zero!

Was Mitchell's Pass closed to motorists until recently? Or was it only one way until recently? I recall there being some change in the last couple of years. 

I agree, Mitchell's Pass is the easiest ready made option. And between Old Bathurst Road and the Great Western Highway, surely there isn't too much need for people driving cars to use Mitchell's Pass? I am not a local, so perhaps there is some aspect of this i am not aware of. 

Was closed to motor vehicles due to landslide danger a few years ago and was two way bicycle paradise for a while, now one way down for everyone. Old Bathurst Road and Mitchells Pass start at the same point in Blaxland and end at the same point in Emu Plains so I can't see any reason why motor vehicles need both as well as the highway.

it was closed due to a rock fall for quite a while, but cyclists  got through. Now back to what it was, one way down. Bit steep going up, but a great way down, with a stop at the old Lennox Bridge (c1840)

Not as steep as Highway or Old Bathurst, 1000 times more pleasant and no noisy 40,000kg  noxious fume spewing trucks or F1 dreaming / texting drivers of motor vehicles zooming past your elbow


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