person pretending to be a cool road user, caught playing his nintendo while driving.

A Buderim man has been charged after allegedly being caught playing his nintendo while driving.

Police initially thought the man was texting behind the wheel, but did a double take when they saw his dangerous set up.

news, film , total joke this fool is 

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The problem I have with this, is it seems to imply that what he was doing was more dangerous than texting while driving. Or to put it another way, the texting was OK, but not the gaming. I'm a little concerned that is how some people will have interpreted it.

most set of lights . i see drivers on laptops. tablets. phones texting and talking , with the phone up to the ear. these numb-skulls just don't care . its a disgrace . they act like they'll never be caught breaking the laws. i hope everyone is clear and understand the phone=road users , rules 


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