Is that`s a discrimination to lycra wearing riders??

From Road.CC

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I`d rather fart in this pub to make more stinking complaints and move drunken customers out of my way..

Errr, Raffles Hotel, what did they win in raffles?,what a sh!t???

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Haha yes. Excellent point.

It's as silly as objecting to people breastfeeding in my view. Their problem, not the problem of the breastfeeder.

I suspect you might be overthinking. Lycra is the catchall term for cycling clothing.

Like "tracky dacks" is the catchall for lard arse clothing!

Although "business casual" specifically means fawn-coloured Dockers and a non-offensive pastel polo, ideally matched with a pair of brown boat shoes.

Merely pointing out their sign is as stupid as it is factually incorrect

What about condoms? Do they contain Lycra Susan? Maybe they would be accepted if they were naked except for a non Lycra condom.................

The Raffles Hotel is a Perth icon. On a magnificent spot by the river, hundreds of cyclists go past every day doing the 'round the river"ride between Perth and Fremantle. As I recall from the 90's, Saturday Audax social rides used to start in the raffles carpark.

It is also the finish of the Ben Cousins Biathlon, which recreates Ben's famous run-swim-run escape from a booze bus on Canning Highway.

nonsequitur cartoon

OK, will they also ban old men with big fat beer guts from swilling piss as that puts me off my food too.

*shudder at the thought of it


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