Hi everyone,

I've been on an electric bike promotion ride (holiday) for the last 4 weeks and will be rolling into Sydney on Friday Sep 13. We're having a party at our bike shop from 6pm and everyone is invited. Free refreshments for people who arrive on bikes (electric or otherwise) so please message me or comment below if you think you'll come so we know some numbers. 

The point of the ride is to bridge the gap between what the public at large thinks that electric bicycles can do and what they really can do. Generally if people even know that they exist they tend to underestimate them, thinking that they couldn't go very far, couldn't go up serious hills, aren't something you can rely on over long distances or heavy use or can only help a little bit. Hopefully riding through a week of heavy rain in South West WA, crossing the Mount Stirling Ranges, crossing the Nullarbor (up to 200km between electricity), riding through the Flinders Ranges and (not yet) through the Adelaide Hills, to Melbourne, Snowy Mountains and back to Sydney will illustrate that they're up to the task of getting people out of their cars and onto a bike.

More info on the ride is at glowwormbicycles.com.au/perth-to-sydney and live updates with pretty photos of where you'd possibly rather be are at http://glowwormbicycles.com.au/perth-to-sydney/updates



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Good stuff Maurice and co.
Interested to see performance of ebikes dealing with 100kgs (rider and gear) plus whatever the bike weighs up say 7% gradients, over say 5km.
Maybe a RNP loop on the way back?
Hi Peter, RNP was our preparation ride: https://www.endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=51272...

Fittingly it takes which prepared us for the week on the SW coast of WA!
Up those hills is no problem for our bikes. We are going to do the 1 in 20 climb in Melbourne next Thursday. Basically imagine riding somewhere without a motor. Then imagine you became twice as strong and only gained 10kg in weight. That's the electric assistance, good up hills or on flats.

great stuff Maurice.

...imagine you became twice as strong and only gained 10kg in weight.

I see I've been going about it all wrong!


Not in the country at that time so I can't drop by on 13th Sep (Friday) , but wishing your party all the best. I'll look for a followup post

Ah, smart phones. That should say "fittingly it rained"


I'm interested in promoting this event through our cycling group


we currently have 600+ in the group, probably have around 10- 15 wanting to come to a friday night event

what do you think?


yeah that would be great Peter. Please do invite them, they'd be very welcome. Also please let them know it's an informal event so it's fine to arrive late or leave early and that kind of thing. Although it won't be going very late because we're used to sleeping by 10 :) 


we plan to ride from town hall at 6pm

details here


or via 


you can check how many people have rsvp'd at any time



I'm doing the Haute Route Pyrenees at the moment and there is a guy on an electric bike!  He's not officially in it, it's a timed race, but he is a journalist who is writing about the race and about e-bikes.  I think he's French. 

He has 2 batteries and is doing a fair bit of work himself. Someone said it weighs 20kg.  And the route is fairly punishing.  Day 1 was 85km and 2,800m climbing, Day 2 120km and 3,500m.

He keeps passing me on climbs!

Eleri, I am riding in Eastern Bavaria at the moment and there are electric bikes everywhere. A noticeable increase from last year. Maurice is ahead of his time. 


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