After years of lobbying, it is very disappointing that safe cycling infrastructure is still not accepted as a mainstream form of transport in NSW. The government spends billions knocking down stadiums, building roads and freeways, the new Metro… yet they won’t even spend one billion on OFF-the-road cycleways and SUPs, an effective way to reduce Sydney’s crippling traffic congestion. Residents should be able to go about their every day business safely on a bike. People from all walks of life cycle, so bike infrastructure is a no-brainer and should not be politicalised. Yet it has become so….

Please sign this Petition which requests the incoming government to finally spend big on OFF-THE-ROAD cycling infrastructure:

Specifically, the Petition requests immediate funding for:

1. Installation of a ramp to bypass the steps to the bridge at Milsons Point and link the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Gore Hill Freeway Cycleway (Harbourlink). All cyclists from the North Shore must funnel through North Sydney to get to the city & at present the North Sydney maze is a nightmare. The steps make it very difficult for families, ebikes, the elderly and bike trailers to access the city.

2. OFF-the-road cycling infrastructure to all Metro stations and all existing train stations.

3. Footpath widening into shared user paths to provide safe access to all schools. This will allow parents to ride home legally without the 'fear' of riding on the road, and be an incentive to reduce chronic traffic congestion around schools.

4. Shave back the cliff section of footpath on River Rd in Greenwich, 200 metres from Greenwich Public School. The blind squeeze point on this narrow footpath makes it one of the most hazardous inner city footpaths…an accident waiting to happen. The wind tunnel when buses pass by is enough to knock kids off their bikes & there have been major rockfalls. It is ear-marked to be a SUP & ironically a SUP stops just short of the cliff…! You can check out the video on YouTube:

5. Substantial and sufficient funds for each Local Council, so they can construct SUPs and OFF-the-road cycleways to encourage more people to ride bikes to key destinations in their municipality and thereby reduce dependance on the car.

It may be a coincidence, but certainly a cause for encouragement, that a few days after this Petition began to gain momentum the SMH reported: “Labor vows ’end to war on cyclists' with $412m for active transport.” However this is a still an insignificant amount compared to money proposed to knock down and build stadiums. Does the government really think more people play and watch football than ride bikes on a daily basis? It remains to be seen whether this is matched by the Berejiklian Government. So please Facebook, email or TXT your friends to encourage them to sign & see if we can swell the numbers significantly over the next week. Words are one thing, but actions are what counts. Lets make sure the next government actually acts on our concerns and invests substantially in OFF-the-road cycling infrastructure. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION. - Thank you!

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