Momentum is building for Rail Trails in NSW. Slowly the message is getting through. Rail Trails are good things.
The latest in our advocacy campaign is this petition for the Monaro Rail Trail in southern NSW.
Please sign it if you are interested in Rail Trails for NSW.

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I was traveling through this area late last year in the stink box, and we stayed overnight at Bombala. We visited one of the local handcraft shops where the metalworking caught our eye. The craftsman was a motorbike rider and we compared the bike / motorbike issues in the area, and in particular the opportunity of the Bombala - Queanbeyan rail trail. It ran through his property and his only concern related to fencing and where gates and access to his property would be placed. I told him that elsewhere these issues had been negotiated with the property owners, and in some cases most, if not all of the costs of fencing was paid by the developing council. That seemed to satisfy him, but he also seemed supportive of its development anyway, and he recognized the benefits that it would bring to the town. 

Good luck, it would be a great rail trail with many cycling and economic pluses along the way. 

Thanks Dabba for the support. Much appreciated.

We have an informative new website about the Monaro RT project.

Graham, G'day. it is good to see something happening in our region again.

Steve Whan pushed for the redevelopment of the Bungendore to Captains Flat line not so long ago, and reached an understanding about the line in the NSW Legislative Assembly ... but that appears to have fizzled out. Sadly.

In a couple of weeks time, I'll be spending a fair bit of time on the road beside the decommissioned New England line. Looking at the trees growing out of the line and comparing how they've grown larger from two years ago ... back then I wondered why NSW politicians lacked the foresight of Victorian politicians. I don't wonder anymore.


Hi Warren,

Great to hear from you.

There is a related project (and an active committee) for the Molonglo Rail Trail.
And also one doing well in New England..NERT Inc.
Similarly for Northern Rivers, the Riverina and quite a few others.
Ideally this will lead to a system of NSW Rail Trails.

If you go through Guyra, call into the bike shop there and say Gidday to David Mills. He's a stalwart of the NERT project. My hometown is Barraba/Tamworth so I also very supportive of positive developments in the New England area.

Graham, Barraba/Tamworth? ...I know about the 'Reunion Tour', from Crazyguy'.

Mr David Mills, I think that I talked to him in August 2015 when I called into a cafe in Guyra, during my last trip North, returning from the grassy Brisbane Valley Rail Trail near Esk. The BVRT is also a section of the Bicentennial National Trail.

I'm going through Guyra and spending time just NE of Guyra, at the Llanglothlin Lakes. I'll dump my bike in the bush and explore the little visited Sara River from Warra National Park, east of the lakes, into the Guy Fawkes Wilderness.

I'll photograph what ever I can of the New England rail corridor, while I'm touring.


Your photos never cease to amaze me Warren. Beautiful images.
It'd be great if you can see Dave and talk about the trails.
He's moved shop.
High On Bikes is the business.

Info here

Graham, thank you for your nice comment about my photography ... but you are too kind.

It is hard to take a bad image of a rail trail.

I looked at High On Bikes and I see that Mr Mills has moved to South Guyra. I thought that it was very progressive finding bikes in a cafe, the last time I visited Guyra.


Hi Graham

any updates on the Blayney–Demondrille line?

I would like to help give this a bit of a push if I can and hopefully extend it into Young and down to Harden. Seems the talk of reopening the line to freight is always pending on govt $$ but even if it did open the side roads next the rail line would make a great route.

I had a round the world bike rider stay at my place a few weeks back (

he opted to come from Qld down the western side of the mountains in NSW and away from the coast. He loved the ride and countryside. I tend to agree.

While touring south of that area last year, I recall some interest in the Tumut 》Batlow being dashed by the farmers along the way, as well as others intent on retaining it for trains again. There are so many opportunities that are being missed! I couldn't help but think of how great it would be going along the Cootamundra 》Gundagai 》Tumut 》Batlow rail trail if it ever it eventuates.

All too often when touring, I seem to be riding near a dead rail corridor that would make a difference - either better grades or away from the traffic. 

Dabba that was a small group in the Gilmore Valley. In the Tumut area. They are trying to prevent the feasibility planning stage (and any access to the publically owned rail corridor) for some reason best known to themselves.

To date we haven't had such negative responses on the MRT. To the contrary, the community response so far has been very positive.

"down the western side of the mountains in NSW and away from the coast."

I prefer to ride east of the Newell Highway and through / west of the GDR. Great country, towns and friendly people, although I have been concerned about how much the impact on the communities of the reported ice epidemic may change my views of these areas on my future trips!

Yes east of the Newell is the key,  but biking perfection can be found in the loop west from Narromine and to the beauty spots (or the Trunkey Creek of the west) of Dandaloo, Albert, Tullamore and back to Peak Hill...

This bloke found it very amusing to hear the warnings of doom if you ever bush camp in The Pilliga.

I think it is a bit of suck and see. Wellington is now called the new Antarctic but still seems ok to me. Different yes but still worth a stay just do it out of town.  I kinda think if you have any concerns of camping out near some towns it is worth asking the local cops about a good spot to try and even better the spots to avoid.


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