Planning NSW Development Application Tracker (nerd alert)

One for the Planners (and Coders?).

After many appeals ;-p Planning NSW has just released an online Development Application (DA) tracker (similar to the City of Sydney's) which can alert for development opportunities for cycling (eg, cycleways, paths, through-site access, barriers to cycling, bike parking 'etc). 

Watch the video:

In light of the fact that most cycling infrastructure is lost won at the local scale, we're looking to create an e-platform to identify and largely automate responding to these opportunities. 

We're keen to hear from planners, coders and in particular User Experience (UX)/Design experts with a view to creating that e-platform. 

Email us at or respond the relevant post on our facebook wall.

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Ok, nice. I see there is a knock-down rebuild going on just down the road.

However, riding home this afternoon I notice the council (or someone) is busily constructing a wide pathway along North Rocks Road North Rocks. I was hoping, given the path is clearly wider than the existing short section of standard footpath, that a shared bike path was being constructed ... Is this the kind of info we should be able to find because, so far, no luck.

Why not host a cycle-hack day?

You post a date and time, give a topic or a goal, and supply the WiFi and cola. It's amazing what can be build in a day (eg. T-10, from a NASA hack-day).

Recently Sydney (with my company as a supporter) held a RHoK day. We also hosted our own hack day earlier in the year.

Maybe and BikeSydney could team up and crowd-source a solution?


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