Plea to give reformed repeat offenders a new lease - and licence - on life

Don't really get this. If driving without a licence was more strictly enforced, people wouldn't do it. Why this acceptance that people must be able to drive as part of their lives?

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Same applies to the reduced parking fines that the state COALition will be doing.

Yep, my mind is blown on this one.

Imagine if the same idea was thrown out there for serial killers.


For once, an article with a fair bit of data in an article, which I shall digest.

At least there is recognition that the current system is broken. While I agree with Kim, people don't *need* to drive, I would also like to replace sanctions on drivers for non-motoring offences. The privilege of driving should be connected with your willingness to drive correctly, not with some unrelated matter. Otherwise we normalise unlicensed driving, which has happened obviously.

More thought needed.

On Friday, the NSW Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey made an impassioned plea for public support: "We have to give a light of hope so after they have done some time they can actually function as a member of society."

Apparently not having a licence means you can't actually function as a member of society.  I would try to point out the absurdity of this but those that need to have it pointed out wouldn't listen.

It's another Nationals populist stunt, caring for their country constituents but to be fair  public transport is pretty non existent and distances between towns are large. And S e L does have a point.

Except this bit 

These sanctions had disproportionately affected rural and Indigenous communities, the NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman said.

Just today I was talking to a colleague who is working in the far west of NSW who was telling me about a local initiative where many people had penalties for a range of offences like this relaxed and the positive impact it had on the community as a whole. 

Two minds about this - 

It does exclude the really horrible people : "The second chance doesn't apply to anyone who was disqualified for serious driving offences, such as hit-and-run or intentional menacing driving." 

So  does the minister think that cyclists, pedestrians, and pulivctranport users are non functioning member of society?

Part of the problem is Nationals MPs always in control of the roads ministry. So we see silly stuff like reduction in parking fines, no point to point speed cameras here for cars when most states use them.

It's in the wording.

The way I see it, just driving without a valid or expired license, without actually causing harm or danger, should  hardly a case of permanent restriction to getting one especially where the PT is even worse than in the city. 

All it encourages is an increased % occurrance of an incident with an unlicensed, uninsured driver with someone who might have wanted  to be insured


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