Folks we are Hills district cyclist and have access to the fantastc M7 cyclepath . AS part of a year 11 geography topic my duaghter is doing an assignment on the whole Sydney Cycleways network and would love to hear from as many of you as possible.


If you have a couple of minutes can you please fill in the survey and also add any of your personal comments .



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Good to do a survey where you can leave a question or two unanswered because the check box options don't include your own answer. Unlike most employee satisfaction surveys!

Good survey, happy to have answered.


Thanks everyone so far who has responded.

Kyle thanks for the offer we will see how it goes.

Now if only I could get bike path from Castle hill to her school at Pennant hills she would ride in a second and it would take 20 mins max compared to current 45 - 50 min bus ride!

I would like to add a couple of things for your daughter to consider in her assignment...

One of the key benefits of cycling is seeing the bigger picture about transport in Sydney (and other cities).


Think about how much money and time that goes into transporting people around Sydney. 


There are tens of billions spent each decade on new motorways and roads. The tens of billions on maintaining those motorways and the millions upon millions of hours wasted in traffic…..


Sydney is addicted to the car – and it’s an expensive addition to have.


At the moment, getting around Sydney involves more than 15 MILLION car trips per day (an average of 3.8 trips per day for each person).


More than 50% of these trips are less than 5kms….


data available here for your daughter to use:


Doesn’t that seems stupid to you? We spend BILLIONS upon BILLIONS so that we can each drive 5kms….


If you could get just 10% of people to travel by bicycle (or walk) it would take 1.5 MILLION vehicle trips off the road every day…. That’s one hell of a lot of saved traffic, money and hours.


And that’s without going near the significant health beenfits to our society if a few more people took up a regular 20 to 30 minute exercise session each day (like riding to work, for example….)



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