So it's getting to that time of year when we review what we've done in the last 12 months.

Here is my Strava heat map for 2013.

Please tell me the great places around Sydney that I've missed out on this year. I'll put them on my wish list for next year :~)

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I quite liked the area near Mosman / the Zoo / Middle Head Road

Others for your list:

Wiseman Ferry.

Mangrove Mountain.

Scheyville National Park 

And River Rd (to/from Wisemans Ferry).

Point taken Si, I will do some research out that way.

OK, I will look at the NW reaches of Sydney - And maybe I should take a Zoo detour in on the way to/from work someday. A likely morning extension instead of my KPR long way!

Old Windsor Road SUP

Richmond Road shoulder


Putney Punt

La Pa

Centennial Park?

I probably definitely need some Eastern Suburbs!

This book, which I can highly recommend ;-), has more than one great ride in the eastern suburbs, if you "need" them. (Not to mention all over the metro area.) But they are more rides of the exploring kind and less of the "gettin' the moils in" kind. 

I can practically guarantee that you have never been to many of the places in the book, by bicycle or by any other means.

Where's your disclaisure? ;-)

Thanks a lot Neil, I just got a copy on eBay. Pity the poor buggers that wrote it. They'll get no royalties from this little brown duck.
It had better be good :-)

Possibly a bit long distance, but riding past Peats Ridge -> Kulnura -> Woolombi -> Cessnock is nice country. Rough roads, beautiful scenery. You can get trains back via Newcastle. Long day though.

I get only a handful of whole days a year that I can schedule for really challenging rides - And since I dudded out on Newcastle Overnight last month, I really should put one of these on the calendar!

rough roads, sounds like you need to ride 50psi pressures. As Michael says, makes me slow on all surfaces.


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