So it's getting to that time of year when we review what we've done in the last 12 months.

Here is my Strava heat map for 2013.

Please tell me the great places around Sydney that I've missed out on this year. I'll put them on my wish list for next year :~)

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Hundreds here you don't seem to have done and the best of River Rd this Saturday (tiny bit of dirt) (BRT still not showing map but you can download the GPX from the summary tab
Even if you don't do the official rides these give lots of ideas for good routes, you can choose your start, end points and distance to suit yourself

a map here of TnD for this Saturday,

River Rd, great stuff

That would be a challenge!

Thanks Rob!

Not all that hard, you just have to pick the mapping site you want to believe, ridewithGPS says it is nearly 3,000m climb, BRT says only 1,820 and MapMyRide only 1,660, beautiful ride regardless, you could do most as a loop out of Windsor making it less than 150km

My Garmin says it was 1196m from last years ride (Mar 31)

WUT? That's practically flat.

LOL! It's gone from a challenge to a doddle in 3 posts.

any ride that starts and finishes at the same altitude is a flat course, SM1200 comes to mind.

And with those starting and finishing at the same place, you also actually haven't gone anywhere!
Wise move in avoiding Tar 'n Dirt yesterday. Some of the dirt sections had sand / gravel so deep that my front wheel kept burying itself up to the axle (slight hyperbole). That and a slow rear tube leak that finally required replacement, difficulty getting the type properly reseated and my continued recent hopeless performance (I am doing some wrong my last 3 200s have been very tiring) caused me to hors délai, 14.5 hours, buggered!

was wondering how yesterday went since I missed teh ride. Not good being HD. so your last 3 rides have been HD? My last 3 have been dnf.

Being overtrained may be the problem Bill, relax over Chistmas and just do gentle rides.

Plenty of reading there. Thanks Bill.


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