I have created a facebook group where we can warn each other about police operations targeting bike riders in Sydney.

To join:

  • Go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/helmetcops/.
  • Click on "Join group".
  • If you see a police operation targeting bike riders, post an update with the time and location.
  • You will receive a facebook notification any time someone makes a post.

(Note: I have nothing against bike helmets. I respect everyone's choice to wear one or not to wear one as they see fit. If you are mountain biking, racing, riding fast, doing stunts or taking risks in traffic, then a helmet is probably a good idea.)

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Facebook supports push alerts to mobile devices, so you can get instantly notified every time someone makes a post.

Feel free to set up a similar group on SC.

So remember kids, keep monitoring your smart phone while riding.

So now I gotta have a "smart"phone as well as Farcebook?? This is getting way beyond me...

How else are you going to get real time info on Strava KOMs (EDIT: and bore your friends with them)?

According to CARRS-Q (remember them?), a smart phone app will make cycling 100% safe.

More techno-narcissistic claptrap.

Heh heh.

First time ever last Thursday riding home from work I heard a guy talking very loudly ahead of me and expected to see two bikes come round the corner -

No - only one.

First time ever seen a commuting rider talking hands free on the road.

do the crime, do the time

And the flame is lit again.

Crime? What is this crime to which you refer?

Is it the crime that only exists in Australia and NZ but not in 99% of enlightened (or are they really backward) world countries?

It (helmet mandation) sure has the rest of the world (and Australia's motorists) respecting us, doesn't it?

[Extinguisher now in operation]

Hey that's not the right attitude. The law is there for our own good.

(BTW I see that poor old Sue Abbott has had her criminal conviction upheld. So now she can't travel to a whole lot of countries because she didn't wear a plastic hat - but as Mr Hoskins surmises it is her own damn fault. I guess she should have been born in a country where you aren't victimised - well criminalised - for simply riding a bicycle).

I thought Sue was born in a different country...

Ah. My bad. Well in that case she only has herself to blame and criminals like her should just rot in jail. It is an affront to the community to ride a bicycle without a polystyrene hat molded into the shape of a "helmet". Or so I've heard.


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