5-0 were cracking down on cyclists again this morning (told by a friend)

Heading into the CBD, at the end of the pyrmont bridge - walk up the stairs & then there's a long ramp down to Market street.
They're catching people riding down there, slowly, at walking pace.


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If any of you should happen to pass them, could you show them the photo from the "vulnerable road users" post and ask them to explain why it is that driving a car into the back of a bicycle does not attract a ticket, but riding at walking pace among pedestrians (without hitting any of them) does?!!!  FFS.
Because the police are protecting the (NSW) law, people lives are of secondary importance.

Not normally one to stick up for police, but that is the police's job. It is/should not be the job of the police to interpret the law. That is the role of the judiciary.


Politicians make the law

Judges interpret the law

Police enforce the law


(and never the twain should meet... checks and balances... hmm yeah ok, well that's the idea anyway).

What's the fine for riding on a footpath?


And how do they make you pay it? Canceling your license, I guess, isn't an option.

If you receive a fine, and don't pay it, then the authorities can (and do) cancel your driving license, and also cancel your car rego.


This occurs even if the offense has nothing to do with driving, or even using the roads.


I find it quite extraordinary.

yeah, that is really ridiculous.

Yeah, they are bringing that in for graffiti offences as well!

We might be getting some cool dudes with backwards caps on the cycleways.

What happens if you don't have a drivers lic or car?
They break down your front door and remove property "to the value of".
foreign licence and foreign address

In that case they deport you.
I hear the coffee is pretty good at Villawood martin!


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