Did anyone catch this story?

Short version: Cycling journalist DC Rainmaker went for a ride in Perth with the guys from Cycliq (makers of the Fly6 safety cameras).

They get pulled over by a total of 5 police vehicles. All because they are legally riding two abreast. (Side note: You'd be lucky to get 5 police vehicles at a blooming bank robbery!)


What's scary is that not one of the multitude of cops on the scene knew a pretty basic law, and the obvious concern is that if the cyclists involved were less assertive or knowledgeable they would have been booked. 

A minor credit to the cops who later swallowed their pride and admitted their mistake. Although this may be to avoid the riders filing a formal complaint. After all, the cops knew the entire stop was recorded by about 6 cameras.

Here's the story:


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Yeah. Read it. Typical drivers carrying on their biases into the job. Needlessly and illegally harassing a marginalised portion of community. Imagine what they and their even less lawful mates do off duty

to be fair to the cops -- there's a lot of laws on the books and you can't expect them to be across all of them.

Keep the conversation polite, point out the relevant law, and get on your way.

If we don't expect the enforcers of the law to know the law, how do we expect those that are expected to follow the law to know the law?

For a while I carried a copy of the road rules in my backpack (when commuting) and had the cycling related seconds bookmarked so when I was abused for not following the rules, I could educate the fine motorist and then mention that perhaps they should actually learn the road rules before getting on the road.

are these traffic cops or general duties?

Do you know how many laws apply in NSW?

Ok, but they actively chose to go after these cyclists, despite not knowing the law.

Enforcing a non existent law is a pretty basic infringement of peoples' rights. 

And when a real law is broken and a cyclist is the complainant (eg: road rage, close passes etc) the same WA police don't want to know about it. Yes the same police force that sent 5 vehicles to this "incident".

You'll have to forgive me if I have little time for their excuses.

It is their job. Not only must they know rules they also are required to know the proofs.

Jeepers there aren't that many road rules, and the offences all have codes for which they have a book so they put the right code on the ticket. If they can't find the code it's not an offence.

I don't expect cops to know all the finer details of common law. But I do expect them to know the legislation. Just as I expect all operators of road vehicles to know the legislation. There's only a few hundred of them. Really don't take that long to read.

But think of it like this. You higher a tradie. You don't expect them to know how to build everything, but you do expect them to know how to do the task they are currently doing. If they didn't know initially, I would expect them to find out and bring themselves up to competence before starting. And if they can't then I expect them not to start.

Are NSW Police allowed to park in bicycle lanes?

Cop car was parked outside the pub at the end of PFB (Sydney) in the green separated bike lane. This was yesterday on my way home about 6pm on western end of the bridge.

Otherwise I agree there are lots of laws BUT this is basic road rules, if you drive you should know them regardless of being in the force!


They can park where ever they want if attending an emergency

The media has picked up the story now.


This is a bit of a worry:

Mr Singleton said one of the policeman at the scene had told him he was on a committee for enforcing the one metre rule.

“I found that concerning,” he said.


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